Dylan Mulvaney: Trans star’s collab with Maybelline has bigots threatening yet another boycott

Dylan Mulvaney

Transphobes continue to scrape the barrel to demonstrate their hatred of TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney, promising to boycott makeup brands Maybelline and MAC due to old partnerships with the trans influencer. 

After weeks of anti-trans backlash for posting a partnership with Bud Light, Mulvaney is now being subject to more transphobic hate for adverts she posted months ago, including several makeup promotions. 

The backlash is believed to have been started by former “trans-racial” internet personality Oli London, who posted a Tweet misgendering Mulvaney and making fun of an old Maybelline partnership she had posted.

The pile-on began with anti-trans campaigner Jordan Peterson urging followers to “boycott Maybelline”. Twitter users pointed out the obvious, that Maybelline and MAC are different brands, not even owned by the same parent company.

Just as transphobes promised to boycott Bud Light, #BoycottMaybelline trended on Twitter, with several users branding the makeup label “woke”. 

Dylan Mulvaney’s supporters spoke in support of the 26-year-old influencer on Twitter, with one user joking: “It’s going to be good fun when the transphobes realise they need to boycott every single makeup and fashion brand, and are forced to walk around in just paper bags.”

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Another linked to the Maybelline video, saying: “This is the entire reason they’re having a meltdown. Because Maybelline dared to sponsor a trans woman for this 13-second video.

“Meanwhile women, trans and cis, with actual problems are left to drown in hatred.”


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After weeks of bigoted backlash from right-wingers over Mulvaney’s partnership with Bud Light, it was reported that the beer brand’s marketing vice-president has stepped back from her role

Alissa Heinerscheid, who previously defended Mulvaney’s advert as part of trying to make Bud Light more inclusive and less “fratty”, has reportedly taken a leave of absence after the backlash. 

Right-wingers have reacted intensely to Mulvaney’s ad, with musician and Trump supporter Kid Rock unloading an assault weapon into boxes of Bud Light cans, a self-described “conservative dad” launching his own brand of “100 per cent woke-free beer” to rival Bud Light’s, and Budweiser facilities facing bomb threats.

In a press briefing on Thursday (20 April), White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre condemned the violent backlash, saying: “When a transgender American posts a video about a brand of beer they enjoy and it leads to bomb threats, it’s clear that the level of violence and vitriol against transgender Americans has to stop.”

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