Bisexual star Jessica Alexander gags fans in The Little Mermaid: ‘She really was a bad b***h’

The Little Mermaid Jessica Alexander plays Vanessa (L) and Melissa McCarthy as Ursula (R).

As The Little Mermaid debuts to box office success, fans are raving about bisexual actor Jessica Alexander’s jaw-dropping performance as the evil Vanessa.

Starring Halle Bailey as Ariel, Melissa McCarthy as drag-inspired sea-witch Ursula and Jessica Alexander as her land-legged alter ego Vanessa, Disney’s live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid has made a huge splash in the US domestic box office, and is predicted to take $118 million by the end of the four-day Memorial Day weekend.

Alongside the captivating performances from lead cast members, fans are currently professing their love for Jessica Alexander, the breakout star from the film that has amazed viewers with her portrayal of Ursula’s evil on-land persona Vanessa.

The 23-year-old actor, who has previously appeared in Netflix’s Get Even and the Lionsgate thriller Into The Deep, has already been dubbed “Mother” and a queer icon for her scene-stealing acting.

Much like in the animated version, Vanessa only has a handful of minutes onscreen as she tries to woo Ariel’s one true love Prince Eric (Jonah Hauer-King) with her wily charms – but she certainly made them count.

Alexander has previously shared her pride at her sexuality, celebrating Bi Visibility Day with an Instagram story that read: “None of us need to categorise our sexualities but still. I’m bi and proud!

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“In this house we support, uplift and recognise the B in LGBTQI+!”

Fans have already taken to social media to share their love for the actor. “The moment I saw her I was like Mommy? Down bad for her,” one fan wrote.

And many praised her for shooting down haters who suggested she should have played Ariel instead, given the racist abuse Bailey has endured after being cast in the lead role.

“Jessica Alexander blocking people saying that she should’ve been Ariel instead … she’s so wife,” another fan said.

During the London premiere of The Little Mermaid, Alexander reflected on the role with Variety Radio Online.

“I used to play The Little Mermaid all the time on the beach. It’s timeless. It relates to everyone, really. I think everyone can relate to feeling a little displaced and wanting more at some point in their life.

“I kind of just went ‘go big or go home’ with a character like this and just hope that it lands, basically.”

And land it did. She added to HSN TV network in another interview that fans can expect: “A lot of screaming, ferocity, a little bit of a cat fight with Ariel herself.”

As for how she landed the role, it seems that The Little Mermaid director Rob Marshall was just as awe-struck as us with Alexander’s natural charisma.

“Our Vanessa, she’s such a wonderful actor,” Marshall told Entertainment Weekly. “It was so clear, right from the beginning.”

Marshall also explained the audition process, and how Alexander was asked to sing despite the role not requiring it.

“Jessica is not really a singer, but she acted the singing so beautifully,” Marshall continued. “She’s just a beautiful, beautiful actress, and she went there.

“It’s sort of rare for someone that beautiful and charismatic to be able to then turn into the sea witch literally in front of you and just lose it. It was exciting to see that change. She’s a force, Jessica. She’s incredible.”

And although Alexander is right at the beginning of her career, that was all part of the pull for Marshall, who wanted to contrast Melissa McCarthy’s mega-fame with a lesser-known alter ego.

“The thing is that Jessica is an extraordinary actress,” Marshall concluded. “I mean, quite young, but you can see her work. She just gets it, and she’s fearless. That’s what you find in an audition.

“We saw a lot of people on tape first, and then eventually when you find the people that you think are interesting, you see them in person and work with them.”

The Little Mermaid is in cinemas now.

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