Revolution Pro’s viral Miracle Skincare range is £200 cheaper than luxury brands

Revolution Pro's viral Miracle Skincare collection has been hailed a 'dupe' of luxury brands

Revolution Pro’s Miracle Skincare collection that’s rivalling luxury brands will save you nearly £200.

The skincare range which includes its viral Pro Miracle Cream has been expanded to “offer quality formulas at affordable prices”.

Revolution Pro has since dropped the Miracle Serum, Miracle Balm and Miracle Oil, with the whole set priced at £38.

Fans of the brand and original Miracle Cream have been comparing the products in the set as “affordable alternatives” to luxury brands.

From Charlotte Tilbury to Elizabeth Arden, which would set you back £235 if you bought the high-end versions of the products.

So, you could make a saving of £197 if you purchase the Revolution Pro Miracle Skincare collection.

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You can find out more about each product and what fans have been saying about them below.

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Revolution Pro Miracle Cream

The Revolution Pro Miracle Cream has been dubbed a dupe of Charlotte Tilbury.
The Revolution Pro Miracle Cream has been dubbed a dupe of Charlotte Tilbury.

This has clocked up more than 36 million views on TikTok and 1,500 five star reviews on the website. It’s been dubbed as the ultimate £10 dupe for the renowned – but £69 more expensive – Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream.

One reviewer said: “’I need this forever. Best glow ever. Better than CT Magic Cream and cheaper.”

With another writing: “’At 78 years old I’ve used a lot of cream in my life, but this must be one of the best. My skin is so much better.”

Revolution Pro Miracle Serum

The Revolution Pro Miracle Serum
The Revolution Pro Miracle Serum is also priced at £10.

The Pro Miracle Serum, which is also £10, was the second launch into the Pro Miracle range. This one has been compared by fans to the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum Crystal Elixir, which is priced at £65.00.

One beauty fan said “it makes skin glow like no other”, and makes skin more dewy, radiant and plump.

Another reviewer said: “I LOVE this serum. Makes the skin feel gorgeous. I use in combination with the Miracle face cream and have been getting compliments on my skin since using!”

Revolution Pro Miracle Balm

Revolution Pro Miracle Balm
The Revolution Pro Miracle Balm.

The £8 Pro Miracle Balm, that instantly moisturises, smooths and hydrates dry and chapped skin, has been called “almost identical” to Elizabeth Arden’s cult favourite Eight-Hour Cream which costs significantly more, priced at £29.

One reviewer called it a “one product wonder”, while another said: “This balm is great. I’ve used it on my lips and cheeks during the day, on my feet and hands overnight and on my face.”

“It’s on par with Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream but the tube looks more stylish and the price is a lot more reasonable,” they added.

Revolution Pro Miracle Oil

Revolution Pro Miracle Oil
Revolution Pro Miracle Oil is the latest product in the collection.

Revolution’s latest addition to the Pro Miracle Collection is the £10 Pro Miracle Oil.

The product is infused with a botanical collagen and 12 Oil Complex to achieve salon-quality radiance from home.

It’s already being noted as the cheaper alternative to Charlotte Tilbury’s Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil that has a price tag of £62.

Featuring similar ingredients, this nourishing oil will not only keep skin smooth but will help retain moisture for a plumper, healthier and more radiant looking complexion.

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