JoJo Siwa reveals she’s eager to become a mum: ‘I cannot wait to have babies’

JoJo Siwa wears a black top as she poses with rainbow makeup on her head and neck

JoJo Siwa is ready to hear the pitter patter of tiny dancing shoes as she recently opened up about her dream to become a mum and have babies. 

The Dance Moms alum recently joined queer icon Raven-Symoné and wife Miranda Maday for a new episode of their podcast, The Best Podcast Ever, when they got into the subject of life goals – professionally and personally. 

Siwa disclosed that she has some pretty big ambitions in both areas of her life.

“My dream, dream, dream, dream is the Super Bowl, to do the halftime performance,” Siwa said. “When I do that, then I’ll retire and have babies.”

“On the personal side of my life, since I was 12, I cannot wait to be a mom. 

“I cannot wait to have babies. I want to have so many!”

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Siwa added becoming a mum is a not-too-distant-future goal. The Dancing with the Stars runner-up felt like she’ll “have kids pretty early”. 

Though, she acknowledged it’s a “lot bigger process” than just speaking it into the universe. 

When asked if she’d want to carry her kids, JoJo Siwa answered without skipping a beat: “I do.”

Siwa also gushed that Raven-Symoné and Maday were relationship goals, saying she wanted a romance similar to them. 

“I just fantasise about having it for myself. Like it’s all I want,” she said. “I’m such a lover, and I don’t have somebody to love, and I crave it so much.”

Siwa came out as part of the LGBTQ+ community in 2021, and she’s been open about the honour and responsibility she holds as a “gay icon” to her young fans

She’s since been in multiple relationships in the spotlight, including TikTokers Avery Cyrus and Katie Mills as well as Kylie Prew.

Reflecting back on her former relationships, Siwa said she’s taking a different approach to romance and finding a future partner. 

“I found myself just being attracted to the first thing and being really OK with the first thing and not having any sort of standards,” she said. “I’ve been better about it, but I just want it so bad.”

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