Disenchantment fans overjoyed with sapphic ending: ‘I’m so emotional’

Fans are overjoyed with Disenchantment's ending

Spoilers ahead for Disenchantment season five 

Disenchantment has come to a close after five seasons and fans could not be happier that Princess Bean finally got the girl. 

It all ended on 1 September when the concluding part of Matt Groening’s animated fantasy sitcom dropped on Netflix. 

During the course of its run, the show – which is set in the quirky, mediaeval kingdom of Dreamland and chronicles the adventures of rebellious Princess Tiabeanie aka Bean, her demon Luci and naive elf pal Elfo – received positive reviews from critics and amassed a passionate fan base. 

The fifth and final series picks up moments after where the fourth season ended, with Bean rescued by her mermaid lover Mora after she was pushed into the ocean by her evil mother, Queen Dagmar. 

The rest of the season focused on Bean’s mission to defeat Dagmar and save Dreamland from her evil clutches. 

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Bean and Mora in Disenchantment season five. (Netflix)

Whilst Disenchantment’s final outing has only earned mixed reviews from critics due its pacing and writing, fans were more than thrilled that the final series gave Bean and Mora a happy, sapphic ending. 

Bean and Mora quickly became a fan favourite couple after the mermaid was introduced in season three, with the pair having a meet-cute moment when Bean rescued Mora from a freak show.  

Fans were keen to see more of the couple and in Disenchantment’s fifth part, they were spoiled for choice with plenty of screen time for the pair.

‘I’m so emotional’

In the show’s final episode, entitled “Goodbye Bean”, the pair are reunited after Mora is resurrected (after dying from being accidentally stabbed by Bean) and they elope together to a beautiful tropical island. 

Fans were – unsurprisingly – elated by the happy ending, especially given the fact sapphic relationships do not have the best track record for ending happily on television.

Expressing their joy at the series’ conclusion, one fan wrote: “Bean finally getting her happy ending with mora, im so emotional”

“Nothing could’ve made me happier today than to see Bean and Mora getting their well deserved endgame, a beautiful ending to a beautiful couple. And thank you to Luci for making it happen,” one fan wrote on social media, giving a nod to the character of Luci who used a wish to bring Mora back to life.

“BEANMORA ENDGAME IS REAL ITS ACTUALLY HAPPENING,” another said, calmly, in all caps. 

In a tweet thread about the show and its LGBTQ+ representation, one X user laid out exactly why they love the show and what the casual inclusion of LGBTQ+ experiences mean to them.

They wrote: “Bro disenchantment is so good, the character moments are SO GOOD, y’all are sleeping on it. Just turn your brain off and enjoy.”

They continued: “PLUS, they do LGBTQ+ so f**king casually. Normally shows make jokes about it, which is mostly done tastefully now, but they don’t even make jokes about it. It’s just CASUAL. IT’S F**KING NORMAL. It’s brought me to tears multiple times at how casual it’s done.

“Is it the best rep out there? Probably not. But it just, plays out as if Bean and Mora weren’t anything unusual nor different, and my eyes aren’t tearing up YOURS ARE.”

Speaking for sapphics everywhere, another fan said they want their very own “Bean and Mora ending”.

“I’m really happy Mora & Bean get a happy ending,” someone else wrote, with a heart and pleading face emojis.

Disenchantment is available to stream on Netflix now.

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