MAFS UK groom was told about Ella’s transition before the wedding

Married at First Sight UK's first trans bride, Ella Clark

Married At First Sight UK (MAFS UK) star Ella has revealed that her husband-to-be was informed that she was transgender before she walked down the aisle.

The wait is finally over for MAFS UK fans, who will get to sink their teeth into a brand new season tonight (18 September) on Channel 4.

Team MAFS has already got fans on the edge of their seats after teasing “jaw-dropping”, “explosive” drama this season.

But, already, one of the most highly-anticipated stories is that of 29-year-old Ella Morgan Clark– the reality show’s first-ever transgender bride.

Ella, a clinic consultant and “blonde bombshell” from Weston-super-Mare, signed up for MAFS UK after years of believing she’d never find anyone who would make her happy and accept her for who she really is.

MAFS UK's first-ever trans contestant Ella.
MAFS UK has introduced its first-ever transgender contestant, Ella. (Channel 4)

Now, we’re all about to see her say “I do” to a total stranger, after the MAFS relationship experts found her perfect match.

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When it was first announced that Ella would be joining the series, there was some speculation among fans that her future groom might not find out about Ella’s transition until after they tied the knot – since the whole point of MAFS is that you don’t know anything about your partner before you tie the knot.

But Ella has put those theories to rest and confirmed that her husband was informed of the basics before the wedding day.

Speaking to BBC’s Newsbeat, Ella explained: “Because it was the first time Channel 4 had ever done something like this, I agreed along with them that once they’d found me a match my husband was made aware that I was trans prior to the wedding.

“He was aware that I was trans and I had transitioned but he didn’t know anything else about me.”

A spokesperson for Channel 4 confirmed to Newsbeat that Ella’s groom was told “to ensure fully informed consent,” and he was happy to go ahead with the wedding.

They added: “In all other ways, the integrity of the format was preserved.

“Our priority during matchmaking is to protect the wellbeing of the cast and create compatible matches, based on a detailed assessment of individual preferences, as part of an in-depth, careful matchmaking process.”

Joining a show like MAFS and making history by simply being involved is no doubt a daunting experience, but Ella says that her castmates welcomed her with open arms and made her feel right at home.

“I thought ‘Oh God, I hope they like me, I hope they see me as me’,” she recalled.

“As much as I’m so proud to say I’m a trans woman, I don’t always feel like I want to be seen as just that, there’s so much more to me.”

When it came down to meeting her fellow brides and grooms, Ella felt right at home, since everyone “just saw me as Ella”.

She gushed: “I was given the most overwhelming, amazing reception and welcome.”

The blushing bride said that, despite the slight backlash from certain demographics over her appearance on the show, she felt “honoured and privileged” to represent the trans community on such a large platform.

“When I was younger, before I physically transitioned I didn’t have anyone like this to look up to,” she said.

“It makes me happy that hopefully there’s a generation of trans boys and girls who may have hope because they’re going to see someone like me on their TV.”

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