GB News host Calvin Robinson paid damages after job dismissal over anti-drag protests

Calvin Robinson wears a traditional deacon's garbs as he presents a segment on GB News with blue and red graphics in the background

GB News host Calvin Robinson has reportedly been awarded a settlement after he was dismissed from a role with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) for taking part in anti-drag protests.

Robinson, 37, was reportedly fired from his position on the education sub-committee at RAD after he protested a drag queen storytelling event along with right-wing group Turning Point UK.

According to Christian Concern, the Free Church of England deacon was awarded £8,000 in an out-of-court settlement.

In February 2023, Calvin Robinson attended a rally against a family-friendly drag event at a pub in Lewisham, south London, which was vastly outnumbered by pro-LGBTQ+ counter-protesters defending the venue.

The following day, Robinson covered the protest on his weekly segment on GB News, calling the drag event “shocking”.

“Yesterday, I attended an event in south London, protesting against Drag Queen Story Time. I find it shocking how commonplace Drag Queen Story Time is becoming,” Robinson said on the GB News segment.

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“Turning Point UK organised the protest this weekend and invited me to speak, which I was happy to do. What I was not expecting was the bus-load of rent-a-mob hard-left LGBTQ+ activists to turn up.

“They yelled expletives, threw eggs, and held up some really horrendous signs… one particularly suspect sign read ‘queer joy is for all ages’.”

Robinson was suspended from GB News on Friday (29 September) following the suspension of Dan Wootton and Laurence Fox after misogynistic comments made by Fox on air last week.

After the anti-drag protests and his subsequent GB News coverage of them, Robinson was reportedly let go from his position at RAD on 9 March this year, before seeking legal action against the dance organisation over his dismissal.

The settlement with RAD was then reached, with Robinson reportedly awarded £8,000.

“I am pleased that the bullies did not win, and that they have learnt you cannot push people out for holding traditional views – Christian views,” Robinson said in a statement.

“The Royal Academy of Dance has made it clear that they are a radical organisation pushing trans theory, queer theory and critical race theory, all of which are harmful and divisive branches of neo-Marxism.”

He went on to criticise the RAD’s website, which showcases an inclusive Pride flag featuring the silhouette of a dancer.

Following Turning Point UK’s anti-drag protest, prime minister Rishi Sunak was criticised for refusing to condemn the group, instead claiming that the government was looking to review “age-appropriate” material in classrooms. 

When asked during Prime Minister’s Questions in April whether Sunak would condemn the protests, which a Labour MP described as an “attempt to spread hatred and division”, Sunak claimed he was “not aware of the specific allegations”. 

“As we’ve said, it’s important that the material children are exposed to in classrooms is sensitive and age-appropriate and that’s why we’re reviewing the [relationships and sex education] guidance,” the PM added. 

PinkNews has contacted the Royal Academy of Dance for comment.