Ross Lynch says Jacob Elordi was supposed to star in the ‘One Of Your Girls’ video

Jacob Elordi, Troye Sivan and Ross Lynch

Ross Lynch helped Troye Sivan make history last year when he starred as the dreamy love interest in the Aussie singer’s ‘One Of Your Girls’ music video. 

But the Disney Channel alum has revealed that he heard someone else was originally supposed to be cast in the role before he booked the job.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the music video for ‘One Of Your Girls’ – the third single from Sivan’s critically acclaimed 2023 album Something To Give Each Other – sent the world into a bi-panic, with Troye Sivan dressed in full drag as he danced up on a shirtless Lynch.

Troye Sivan and Ross Lynch in One of Your Girls
Ross Lynch has said he heard Jacob Elordi was originally asked to star in Troye Sivan’s ‘One Of Your Girls’ music video. (YouTube/Troye Sivan)

It was all people could talk about, and even inspired one of the most iconic celebrity costumes from Halloween 2023.

But, Lynch has since revealed that the internet-breaking role was not originally supposed to be his – or so he hears.


@ross_lynch wasn’t @Troye Sivan first pick for the “One Of Your Girls” video 😳 #rosslynch #thedriverera #troyesivan #oneofyourgirls #jacobelordi #vinniehacker #zachsangshow #zachsang #danzolot #fyp #foryou @Amazon Music

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The Austin and Ally actor had been speaking to The Zach Sang Show when the music video inevitably came up in conversion.

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Sang and his co-host Dan Zolot told Lynch that they had heard someone else was supposed to star alongside Sivan.

“That’s what I heard, too,” Lynch admitted. “It was supposed to be… are we allowed to say it?”

Eventually, Lynch, his brother Rocky, Sang, and Zolot all agreed to reveal the name they had heard at the same time. 

While The Zach Sang Show team had heard that TikToker Vinnie Hacker was supposed to star in the video, the Lynch brothers had heard that it was supposed to be none other than Jacob Elordi.

Jacob Elordi as Felix in the teaser trailer for Emerald Fennell's 'Saltburn'
Fans agree that, while Jacob Elordi would have been amazing, Ross Lynch was perfect for the part. (MGM)

And, although it would have been mind-blowing to see the Saltburn and Euphoria star appear in the music video, fans can all agree that Ross Lynch was perfect for the role.

“ROSS LYNCH WAS MADEEEEE TO BE IN THIS VIDEO,” commented one fan after watching the interview.

“Ross [Lynch] had to be it,” agreed a second. “It would not have been so big I think with anyone else. Ross Lynch brought me back to my little girl crushes.”

“Ross was destined to be in that video!” raved a third.

And they’re not wrong! One of the best parts about Lynch’s part in the music video was the sizzling hot chemistry between him and Sivan, which drove fans wild.

Troye Sivan in drag for the "One of Your Girls" music video.
Troye Sivan’s video couldn’t have been more perfect. (Troye Sivan)

After the video dropped, Lynch and Sivan took turns making flirty TikToks back and forth, which only made viewers even more obsessed with the song.

Plus, when it comes to being a sex-symbol, Lynch says he has no qualms.

Asked if he felt “objectified” after the video, the actor replied: “I don’t necessarily feel that way. 

“I think it’s because of our longstanding history and success in music and acting. When you’re a dancer growing up, we’re always half-naked. 

“People are in their booty shorts and their bra tops and the boys… we don’t have a shirt on… in our performances, and that’s normal. That’s how we grew up so it’s not really a huge deal to me, you know. I think it’s just maybe because I’m comfortable in my body. I don’t know!”

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