Drag Race UK’s eliminated queen shares amazingly bizarre Snatch Game plan

RuPaul laughing on Drag Race UK.

Drag Race UK season five queen Banksie has revealed the – frankly unhinged – idea she had planned for Snatch Game.

The Manchester queen and firm fan favourite became the third queen to sashay away in this week’s episode (27 October), during which the competitors had to perform a very special Rusical, in the form of a Great British panto.

After lip-syncing against DeDeLicious to Susan Boyle’s cover of Les Misérables’ “I Dreamed A Dream”, Banksie was ultimately eliminated – but she didn’t leave the competition before telling RuPaul that she’d be walking the runway one final time, in a move many fans have deemed instaantly iconic. 

Banksie’s elimination in week five means that she won’t get to participate in the legendary Snatch Game challenge, a fact that she’s described as “so disappointing”.

Drag Race UK season 5 star Banksie. (BBC)
Drag Race UK season 5 star Banksie. (BBC)

Speaking to PinkNews and other media, Banksie shared that Snatch Game was the challenge she was “really excited about” as she had a very wild, very unexpected idea for who to impersonate.

“I had a multi-layered Snatch Game, almost like a three-tier cake,” the 23-year-old drag star explained.

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“So I’m Banksie. I was gonna play the other Banksy, the artist Banksy. Obviously the whole question… was ‘who is Banksy?’. No one knows who Banksy is.

“So I picked a celebrity who Banksy is and that celebrity was [British TV host] Lorraine Kelly. So I was a scotch egg of an impersonation, as Lorraine Kelly pretending to Banksy, being played by the other Banksie.”

Banksy is the elusive British street artist who, while known across the UK by their pseudonym, has managed to keep their real identity a secret since their career began in the ‘90s.

In addition, Lorraine Kelly was once described by a tax tribunal judge as a “theatrical artist”, leading to long-running online jokes that she must be playing a character during appearances on her ITV morning show, Lorraine.

“She said in court once that Lorraine Kelly was a character. I was like, so Lorraine Kelly and Banksy are both characters. They’ve never been in the same room together. What if it’s the same person?,” Banksie theorised.

Lorraine Kelly smiles at the camera while wearing a black sparkly outfit
Lorraine Kelly. (Getty/Gareth Cattermole)

In addition to her whacky Snatch Game idea, Banksie has revealed that she was gutted not to make it to the makeover challenge, as she could have potentially won.

“My family resemblance was really good. It was really, really good, and it was unexpected as well. That was the thing. It wasn’t even that expensive. The vibe was gorgeous,” Banksie explained.

“I had this huge 1920s massive fan headpieces in orange, like mustard, and then like a massive John Galliano, 1920s hood. So we really like doing some 1920s cabaret vibes with reveals underneath.

“But we swapped colours. Like one was burnt orange and one was mustard. It was the most gorgeous that I’ve ever felt in my entire life.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK continues on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer every Thursday.