Drag Race UK’s Kate Butch admits she lied to RuPaul to avoid another ‘H&M moment’

RuPaul (left) and Drag Race UK queen Kate Butch (right) on the main stage of season 5 episode 4

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season five queen Kate Butch has admitted lying to RuPaul to avoid getting scalded on the main stage.

In this week’s episode (19 October), the nine remaining queens were divided into three groups for a comedy talk show panel challenge, with each group tackling either the topic of “work”, “love” or “play”.

On the runway, the category was “Slaycation”, with the queens having to don a holiday-esque look.

Buxton queen Kate Butch was paired with fellow competitors Miss Naomi Carter and DeDeLicious, and despite Kate’s jokes frequently getting a laugh from the judges, her group was placed low – meaning they would be critiqued on the main stage.

Kate’s holiday look was a black, bedazzled wetsuit with her name rhinestoned onto it, paired with a blonde wig, orange belt, netted cape, snorkel and flipper heels.

Though the judges praised Kate’s “in control” and “funny” performance in the comedy challenge, RuPaul wasn’t too impressed with her ensemble.

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“This look is a little challenging… listen, there’s a blonde colour for every human on this earth. This blonde is not your colour,” she laughed.

However, Kate has now shared on social media that in an unaired moment, RuPaul questioned whether the look had been made by Kate herself.

“On the runway RuPaul asked me if I’d made my wetsuit myself and without hesitation I said ‘yes’. It was £30 off the internet,” she admitted.

“It’s SO easy to lie to people. I knew in my heart I wasn’t having another H&M moment.”

On Drag Race UK season two, RuPaul exploded with rage when contestant Joe Black laughed while revealing that the look she wore in the girl group challenge was bought from high street shop H&M.

“Don’t waste my time. I don’t wanna see any f**king H&M,” Ru fumed in response.

Drag Race fans have responded to Kate Butch’s admission by branding her a certified TV legend.

“OK this is icon sh*t,” declared one fan, while a second added: “How can you not love Kate Butch this is SO iconic.”

Some have declared Kate the winner of the season for this brilliant lie alone, though others believe she could be well in with a chance of bagging the crown after this week’s comedy performance.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK airs on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer in the UK and streams on WOW Presents Plus in the US.