Bianca Censori flees to family to escape ‘controlling’ Kanye West

Kanye West and unofficial wife Bianca Censori.

Architect Bianca Censori has been spotted returning back to her home country Australia without her “controlling” husband, rapper Kanye West.

The “Power” rapper reportedly married Censori in an unofficial ceremony in Beverly Hills in January 2023, shortly after his divorce from Kim Kardashian was finalised in November the previous year.

The relationship between 28-year-old Censori and 46-year-old West has flooded headlines since it became public earlier this year, with some fans claiming that she is being “controlled” by him.

In recent months, the couple have been photographed wearing odd outfits, including Censori donning a nude bodysuit and holding a purple pillow.

Another outfit saw Censori wearing an all-black catsuit style outfit, complete with an oversized, avant-garde roll-neck and face covering.

According to the Daily Mail, West has instructed Censori on what she can wear, what she can eat, and to “never speak”.

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Censori allegedly told friends they were “jealous” of her and Kanye West‘s relationship, but she is now apparently “seeing things from an outsider perspective”.

The source told the Daily Mail that Censori has “no mind of her own”, yet she was pictured earlier this week arriving in Australia without West.

Censori’s friend’s have reportedly managed to make contact with her and voice their concerns about her being “controlled”.

“Everyone is just glad that they finally were able to get through to Bianca,” another source told the Daily Mail.

“Her friends let her know exactly how they feel and they told her that she needs to wake the f*** up.

“She knows that she has shut out those close to her and she is also starting to see through the smoky mirrors of her marriage,” the source added.

“She is aware of Kanye’s controlling ways and she is starting to see things from an outside perspective.”

The publication added that upon arriving in Australia, Censori was reportedly confronted by her worried friends and family who attempted to stage an “intervention”.