This is how to get a free, personalised skincare bundle from Lumin

You can get a free skincare routine bundle from Lumin.

Skincare brand Lumin is offering customers a free skincare routine kit throughout December – and this is how to get one.

Shoppers can get a personalised set of products to help improve their skin and get glowing results.

“For a limited time, we are offering a free trial to you based on your personal skin management needs. Simply answer a couple of questions and start to enjoy your best look ever,” Lumin said.

The quick questionnaire about your personal skin concerns and current routine is available on the Lumin website.

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Some of Lumin’s popular exisiting skincare sets include the Class Act Bundle, which features a daily moisturiser, dark circle balm and a charcoal face wash and scrub.

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This one is currently priced at £74 on the Lumin website, so you’d get it completely free as part of the brand’s trial.

Lumin skincare products
Lumin is home to popular products including the dark circle corrector.

Whether you suffer from acne scars, redness and irritation, dandruff, oily scalps or more, you can get a personalised kit featuring skincare, haircare and bodycare products.

You can find out more about how the free Lumin trial works.

How does the free trial work?

      To sign up for a free skincare trial is simple. All you have to do is take part in Lumin’s quick and easy skincare quiz, which features a handful of questions.

      Once you’ve done this the brand will send you a skincare bundle for free.

      The questionnaire on the Lumin website will ask you whether you’re after skincare, haircare or bodycare (or all three if you want).

      You’ll then need to answer some questions about your skin, including any concerns from irritation, dark circles or breakouts.

      Other questions cover your current skincare routine, and how quickly you’d like to see results.

      Lumin will then put together a free bundle that will be sent to your doorstep so you can try out a new skincare routine.

      Lumin skincare bundle
      The quiz will calculate the ideal products for your skin. (Lumin)

      So it’s as simple as that and you can take part in the free trial at

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