Chloe Veitch feels ‘free’ after going on dating show for the first time since coming out as bisexual

The star came out last year. (Getty)

Chloe Veitch has appeared on a dating show for the first time since coming out as bisexual, in an experience she called “freeing”. 

The reality star is taking dating shows for yet another spin after appearances on Too Hot To Handle, Perfect Match and The Circle. This time, her 19 March appearance on MTV’s Celebrity Ex on the Beach marked the first time she was able to be “100 per cent myself” in her LGBTQ+  identity.

Speaking to Reality Titbit about joining the cast of the MTV series this season, Veitch said it was “amazing”. 

“It’s my first show since coming out [as bisexual] on Celebrity Detox, so it was very nerve-wracking.

“I didn’t know if it was a female ex or a male ex coming on, and my family have to watch it. I’ve been portrayed as straight on every reality show so far, but I loved it, I was 100 percent myself,” Veitch said to the outlet.

She did, however, find it difficult to pick “between a sexy man and a sexy woman,” and honestly, same.

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The Netflix alum acknowledged her slew of reality show appearances in the preview for the current series. “I have been about more than thrush,” she joked.

Being unfiltered is a gift Veitch possesses, as she detailed her ailments. “I’ve got IBS, I’ve got endometriosis; if I need to burp or fart, it’s coming out. And I do pick wedgies out my a**,” she said. “This is why I’m single!”

Last year, Veitch opened up about how her previous reality series, The Big Celebrity Detox, helped her come to terms with her sexuality.

The show follows eight celebrities as they undergo “outlandish” health and self-improvement exercises to change their own lives for the better – and Veitch as dug deeper into herself, she had a profound realisation about her sexual orientation.

“I realised, ‘This is what’s bothering you – you’re bisexual and you haven’t told anyone,'” she told The Sun.

“I’ve definitely been battling it, to be honest,” she continued. “I mean, being in and out of little flings with girls. I felt like it was my dirty little secret so it has taken the weight off my shoulders.”

The reality star admitted going on “heterosexual dating shows” held her back from coming out because she was “anxious about public opinion”.

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