Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS brand eviscerated in bad reviews

Kim Kardashian’s fashion label SKIMS has come under fire after some fans shared disappointing experiences online.

Pictures of one product have flooded the internet after arriving at a customer covered in dirt and mould.

The dissatisfied customer captioned their new SKIMS “filthy” and says they “smelled disgusting”. The comments quickly went viral on Reddit.

Fans didn’t hesitate to share their thoughts, with one writing: “I used to love SKIMS but I purchased a soft lounge tank six months ago and the fit/fabric style had completely changed“.

“I don’t understand why they would take the best bra ever and make it literal trash,” another shared. “I’m going back to Victoria’s Secret for bras because the SKIMS ones are not worth the money anymore.”

These sentiments were shared by another Reddit user, who argued that the “Fits Everybody bra changed so much … the straps are hard and stiff and the bra is just beyond uncomfortable.”

Likewise, the brand’s customer service was criticised after shoppers experienced missing and cancelled orders. Under one of the SKIMS’ “kissing campaign” videos one person wrote: “All the kissing but never received my SKIMS order like wtf.”

However, some fans were thankful for receiving a quick response, with one sharing a detailed apology from the customer care team issuing a “full refund” for a damaged item, which they were encouraged to either “keep or donate”.

Earlier this year, Kardashian was slammed for the campaign which accompanied SKIMS’ “Perky” line, including a bra with faux nipples. As part of the promo, she explained the impact that global warming is having on the planet before revealing that she had an answer for it – her new fashion line.

“Unlike the icebergs, these aren’t going anywhere,” she said of the faux nipple bra.

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