Ncuti Gatwa reveals how he listed Doctor Who as dream role years ago

Ncuti Gatwa in a promotional photo for Doctor Who. He is wearing a brown and black chequered jacket and orange top with a necklace. He is looking off camera. The sky is behind him.

After Doctor Who‘s final 60th anniversary episode aired, Ncuti Gatwa revealed how he listed the two-hearted Time Lord as a dream role to his agent years ago.

The run of three anniversary episodes saw David Tennant and Catherine Tate reprise their roles as the 14th Doctor and Donna Noble respectively under showrunner Russell T Davies, who was the original head writer of the series revival between 2005 and 2010.

Now, Gatwa has unveiled the conversation that started it all by sharing WhatsApp messages with his agents on his Instagram story.

In September 2021, Rwandan-Scottish actor wrote in a private group chat that he’d “love to play either Willy Wonka or Doctor Who, just in case either of you have a magic wand“.

Gatwa added: “What an out of the blue statement haha. But just thought I’d let you know today’s ponderings … or a character like either you know.”

“Hahahaha I love you,” one of his agents replied. “And you should absolutely play them!”

The agent continued that it was “actually good to know” Gatwa’s wishes, “especially for Doctor Who”.


The Sex Education breakout star who also appeared as one of the Kens in Greta Gerwig’s box office sensation Barbie earlier this year, is set to formally take over as the 15th Doctor on Christmas Day 2023.

However, Saturday’s (9 December) episode “The Giggle” saw fans treated to Gatwa early through the introduction of a brand new concept – bi-generation – where the Doctor split in two after the evil Toymaker (Neil Patrick Harris) shot a Galvanic Beam through his chest.

Doctor Who fans flocked to social media to share their joy at seeing both Tennant and Gatwa sharing screentime in an historic moment for the franchise. Although some viewers weren’t sold on the bi-generation twist, plenty of fans embraced it wholeheartedly.

On Saturday, the trailer for “The Church on Ruby Road” dropped, revealing a taste of what viewers can expect in the hotly-anticipated Christmas Day special. Beginning with the new Time Lord dancing beneath a glitzy disco ball, the teaser shows the Doctor and new companion Ruby Sandy (Millie Gibson) hanging from a ladder attached to a huge flying ship.

And fans were, of course, gagged, with one social media user posting: “Sorry but starting the new Doctor Who trailer with the new Doctor clubbing is a new level of legendary.”

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