Polyamorous dating show Couple To Throuple promises steamy drama in new trailer

New polyamorous dating show Couple To Throuple has dropped its brand-new trailer, and it promises so-called “uncontrollable boners.”

“If you were given the chance at non-monogamy in paradise, what would you do?”, asks the show’s host Scott Evans, who has previously hosted NBCUniversal’s entertainment news show Access Hollywood as well as the talk show Access Daily with Mario & Kit.

Couple To Throuple‘s steamy premise will see four couples escape to a remote tropical resort to fulfil their “fantasies,” inviting one of fourteen “open-minded singles” every few days to start a “throuple” with them. The beds are big enough to fit three in, too.

“Set at a remote tropical resort, the couples will meet, mingle, and date a group of singles, many of whom are experienced in polyamory,” the show’s official tagline reads.

“With three times the fun, the feelings, and drama, these relationships are put through the ultimate test to see if they are the perfect match. At the end of their time in paradise, the couples will decide if their hearts have room for more than just ‘the one’ and commit as a throuple, go home as they arrived, or leave separately.”

The trailer gives a snapshot into the drama that’s set to ensue this season, with one contestant confessing that he keeps experiencing “these uncontrollable boners.”

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Elsewhere, it depicts chaos amongst the throuples as they begin to navigate their new lives – with one particularly fiery interaction culminating in a chair being thrown into a swimming pool.

But despite a new venture, the couples won’t be without guidance. Evans will be joined by sex and relationship expert Shamyra Howard, a licensed clinical social worker and AASECT-certified sex therapist who founded On The Green Couch, a space for her clients to work through their sexual trauma and nurture their strongest relationships.

The show has already acquired a budding fanbase, with one user writing on X, formerly Twitter: “Couple to Throuple sounds like it’ll be MESSY. I might have to watch.”

“I’m watching I love drama,” penned another.

“I thought it said ‘Throuple to Couple’ where they vote someone out of the relationship instead and I like that more,” someone else joked.

Released in 10 instalments, episodes of Couple to Throuple will be available on Peacock, a streaming service from NBCUniversal, from 8 February. Arriving in sets of three, the fiery series finale is set to air separately.

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