Ariana Grande isn’t releasing any more singles from Eternal Sunshine until the album release

The singer explained her reasoning for the lack of singles from her new album. (DAMEBK/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

It’s just over a month away from the release date of Ariana Grande’s new album Eternal Sunshine, and we’re struggling to contain our excitement. 

Fans have already been given the masterpiece that is yes, and? as the lead single from the album. But listeners shouldn’t expect any further singles, as the singer-songwriter explained that she wants her fans to “experience the album in full this time”. 

Taking to her Instagram story on 5 February, the 30-year-old thanked fans so far for all the “love, support and excitement” ahead of her upcoming new era.

She began: “I wanted to say…as hard as it is to resist the urge to share another song or single with you asap, I would really love for you to experience the album in full this time.

“There will of course be more singles off this project once it is out (and we may have a little surprise or two up our sleeves to hold you over until then so don’t worry) but waiting a little longer for you to be able to listen fully through first really is my ideal way for you all to experience this body of work.”

She continued: “Thank you for your trust in my vision and plan! You have waited so long for new music from me and I am so grateful for your patience! I look forward to savoring every second of this new era with you all and I sincerely cannot wait for it to be yours!

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“It’s going to be (and already is) so special. I am so excited for all that is to come. More than ever. Love you so so so!!!,” she concluded her message.

Her previous album Positions (2020) was promoted with a single of the same name, which was followed up by the second single from the album, 34+35. Following the album’s release, POV became her third single from the album. 

Many artists are now opting for their albums to be heard in full by fans. Adele famously asked Spotify to remove the shuffle button in 2021. “We don’t create albums with so much care and thought into our track listing for no reason,” she said on Twitter at the time. “Our art tells a story and stories should be listened to as we intended.”

The streaming service responded by ensuring that shuffle would not be the default option going forward for albums. 

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