Marjorie Taylor Greene embarrasses herself with transphobic Pride Month message

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Republican representative Marjorie Taylor Greene began Pride Month with a vile, transphobic tweet and precisely no one is surprised.

As many of her fellow lawmakers took a moment to celebrate LGBTQ+ culture and show support for LGBTQ+ constituents on Thursday (1 June), the far-right politician and Georgia representative chose to post a transphobic message on Twitter instead.

Greene has long aired her deeply homophobic and transphobic views in public, referring to Democrats as “groomers” and “paedophiles” for supporting gender-affirming care for trans youth, which she calls a “child mutilation industry”.

In April, she launched a homophobic verbal attack on a lesbian stepmum, saying step and adoptive parents are not ‘real’ mothers. 

Greene has also called trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney a “paedophile”, claimed that straight people will be extinct in “about four or five generations” and even sold t-shirts mocking mpox, which has particularly affected gay and bisexual men.

Last year, she called for it to be “illegal” for children to see drag shows, and has repeated homophobic conspiracy theories about LGBTQ+ people and drag performers being “groomers”. However, her anti-drag rhetoric didn’t stop her supporting her boyfriend, Brian Glenn, when a video surfaced of him dressed in drag

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And on 1 June, a month dedicated to uplifting LGBTQ+ voices and supporting LGBTQ+ rights, Greene decided to share some extremely on-brand transphobia. 

“There are TWO genders: Male & Female,” she posted. “Trust the science!” 

Her tweet included a photo of a sign she has outside her congressional office, bearing the same slogan.  

The tweet is yet another example of Greene’s hateful and exclusionary anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric which is so often displayed in her social media posts and her legislative agenda. 

Her post also disregards widespread scientific support for trans and non-binary identities, and the scientific research that debunks many common anti-trans myths. 

Greene’s tweet was quickly inundated by replies from LGBTQ+ users and allies, calling the Republican lawmaker out for her apparent embrace of ‘science’ after her personal Twitter account was suspended last year for spreading COVID-19 misinformation.

“Interesting so you’re spinning ‘Trust the Science’ now , but you were banned from Twitter because of spreading COVID-19 misinformation as a direct result of not Trusting the Science in 2022,” one reply reads. “Do you cherry pick the science that you Trust? How do you waiver?”

Another social media user compared her to “a schoolyard bully” and encouraged her to “seek help”, posting: “When you run out of distractions, you revert back to attacking the least defended, Marjorie.”

While others simply wished her and other anti-LGBTQ+ haters “a very uncomfortable Pride Month”.

Other US politicians shared messages of support and solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, including President Joe Biden. 

President Biden released a proclamation on Wednesday (31 May) honouring the “generations of LGBTQI+ people” who “fought bravely to live openly and authentically”.

“it is a reminder that we still have generational work to do to ensure that everyone enjoys the full promise of equity, dignity, protection, and freedom,” Biden continued, before addressing the “600 hateful laws” targeting LGBTQ+ people already introduced by state and local legislatures in 2023 alone. 

“”Books about LGBTQI+ people are being banned from libraries. Transgender youth in over a dozen states have had their medically necessary health care banned. 

“Homophobic and transphobic vitriol spewed online has spilled over into real life, as armed hate groups intimidate people at Pride marches and drag performances, and threaten doctors’ offices and children’s hospitals that offer care to the LGBTQI+ community.” 

“Our hearts are heavy with grief for the loved ones we have lost to anti-LGBTQI+ violence,” he added.