Drag Race star Jimbo explains one reason queens flop Snatch Game

Drag Race star Jimbo as Shirley Temple during All Stars 8 Snatch Game.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 winner and two-time Snatch Game champion Jimbo has offered her advice on how any queen can ensure they don’t flop in the fan-favourite challenge.

During this week’s Drag Race season 16, the nine remaining competitors will take on the notoriously tricky Snatch Game, performing their best celebrity impersonations in the hope of bagging a win.

But according to Canadian queen Jimbo – who won the Snatch Game both during her original season of Canada’s Drag Race, as Joan Rivers, and in All Stars 8 as Shirley Temple – impersonation is about much more than looking like the chosen celebrity.

“A lot of people can make the mistake that looking like the person is going to be enough, and really it’s more acting like your idea of that person and making sure that’s funny,” Jimbo exclusively tells PinkNews.

The drag star is currently gearing up for her solo world tour, Jimbo’s Drag Circus, during which she will bring her winning impersonations to life once again.

Jimbo had RuPaul doubled over with laughter with her portrayal of American sweetheart and child film star Temple.

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During the routine, Jimbo adopted the voice of a possessed child, pulled horrifying baby faces and tap-danced across the set, easily sweeping to victory.

In one hilarious highlight, she declared: “I’m so cute, who would believe I just sh*t myself?”

Jimbo’s version of Temple, who secured her first major role at the age of four, in Red-Haired Alibi, was obviously wildly exaggerated, but as she explains: that’s kind of the point.

“As long as whatever you’re doing is your biggest attempt and your biggest swing at that character and just make everything bigger, everything weirder, you have a good chance of making Ru laugh,” she says.

An image featuring All Stars 8 queen Jimbo in all of her All Stars 8 lip sync outfits.
Jimbo had RuPaul in fits of laughter. (Youtube.com/@rupaulsdragrace/Getty)

“At the end of the day, that’s what Ru wants. If you’re making Ru laugh, you’re gonna win, or you’re gonna at least be safe,” Jimbo adds.

“So, if you only look like them, but can’t think like them, you’re not going to be able to answer the questions, and you’re screwed.”

Jimbo is one of only six queens who have won the legendary challenge twice. The others are Jinkx Monsoon, Baga Chipz, Trinity The Tuck, Ginger Minj and BenDeLaCreme.

Both of Jimbo’s performances in the challenge are highly regarded by the fandom, while fellow queens Envy Peru and Alexis Saint-Pete recently declaring her their favourite.

In season 16’s upcoming Snatch Game, fans can look forward to impersonations of aviation icon Amelia Earhart, singer James Brown, Serbia’s Lady Gaga Jelena Karleuša and Republican TV star Meghan McCain.

Tickets for Jimbo’s Drag Circus are available now.

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