Gay beauty influencer Bretman Rock honoured by state of Hawaii after ‘breaking barriers’

Gay beauty influencer Bretman Rock has been honoured by the state of Hawaii.

The 25-year-old internet star, best known for his videos and makeup tutorials, received recognition from Hawaii’s House of Representative (or State of Hawaii) for his work and legacy as a digital influencer, influence in the Filipino community and impact promoting the LGBTQ+ community both locally and internationally.

In the ceremony, which took place on Monday (18 March), representative Darius Kila told Rock: “Your influence reaches far beyond our shorelines and you’ve touched the lives countless individuals across Hawaii and beyond, inspiring us all to embrace our uniqueness and celebrate our individuality.”

Governor Josh Green said: “Not only are you able to use social media as a tool for good, but you’re able to inspire people who don’t often get the spotlight.

“You’re breaking of barriers and success are truly commendable and I’m so proud that you’re an ambassador from Hawaii for the world.”

Rock’s work helping other LGBTQ+ individuals to accept themselves was also praised with Adrian Tam, theco-convenor of the legislature’s quality caucus, saying: “Your identity transcends labels. You’re simply Bretman Rock. In a world where it’s easy to conform, you have chosen the path of apologetic self-expression.

“Your fashion sense is celebrated for its uniqueness. Your mannerisms have helped normalise acceptance of individuals who may be different, making me and my friends feel validated.”.

As well as being Playboy’s first gay male cover star, Rock has been the face of a Nike Pride campaign, and lived it up at the Renaissance world tour with Drag Race royalty.