Drag Race star Kennedy Davenport spills tea on years-long ‘beef’ with Trixie Mattel: ‘I was mad’

RuPaul's Drag Race season 7 and All Stars 3 stars Kennedy Davenport (left) and Trixie Mattel (right)

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Kennedy Davenport has revealed how she and co-star Trixie Mattel ended the “beef” that began after they appeared on All Stars 3 together.

Both starred in season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2015, and, three years later, on All Stars 3, where they became the season’s top two queens after the season’s infamous Jury twist.

Although makeup mogul and Barbie enthusiast Trixie snatched the crown over Kennedy, the pair built a friendship during their second Werk Room tenure, despite not being able to connect the first time around.

Speaking on season 15 finalist Mistress Isabelle Brooks’ YouTube channel, Kennedy revealed that she thought so too – but that pair had “beef” following Trixie’s confessional interviews during All Stars 3.

“I was the one with the beef,” Kennedy, rumoured to be a contestant on season two of Canada vs the World, said.

Explaining why, she added: “My heart was broken because when I befriend somebody I really take that to heart. I just felt in the instances of filming [All Stars], not one time did she tell me she was reading me every chance she got.

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“I had really thought that we’d created a bond that we wasn’t able to create during season seven.

“Even after the filming, we talked every day. And I was like: ‘All those times we been talking and bonding and sh*t, you could have told me you was gon’ read me all the way to the end’. So, I was mad.”

Kennedy also revealed that the cast of All Stars 3 were all “booked together” following the season’s final episode, and told Trixie to “stay away” from her at the gig, adding: “I was gon’ fight her.”

However, Kennedy has since buried the hatchet with Trixie, going on to say: “Last year, I called her, we hashed it out, and we went back the way we were.”

Despite feeling felt she beat Trixie in the final lip-sync, she admitted: “I love her. I’m happy for her. I was never bitter that she won.”

Kennedy has previously spoken about the pair’s rift, in an appearance on the Exposed podcast opposed host Joseph Shepherd.

“Before you actually got to watch the season… me and Trixie became very close… and we even kept up with each other after. But not one time did she give me a warning that she would be laying [into] me every episode.”

The final episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 16 airs on Friday (19 April) on MTV in the US and will stream on WOW Presents Plus internationally.