Drag Race winner Bob the Drag Queen announces death of mother on Mother’s Day

A composite of Bob the Drag Queen at a red carpet event out of drag, next to an old photo of his mother, Martha Caldwell

Bob the Drag Queen has announced that her mum, Martha Caldwell, died on Sunday (12 May), which marked Mother’s Day in the US.

The entertainer, who won season eight of RuPaul’s Drag Race and who supported Madonna on her Celebration tour, has been open about Martha’s health battle in recent months.

Commenting on a video posted on Instagram by RuPaul, in which the TV host celebrated Mother’s Day and reflected on his relationship with his own mother 31 years after her death, Bob wrote: “Hey Ru. I lost my mother today. It’s been a tough one for me. This message came just in time.”

Former We’re Here host Bob added: “My mom loved you. She thought you were so funny and charming. Happy Mother’s Day to you.”

Bob also shared a tribute to her mother with an Instagram post of Martha sitting at a computer.

“Happy Mother’s Day, everyone. Please call your mother today and tell her that you love her,” she wrote.

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In January, Bob captioned a picture of herself holding her mother’s hand: “I’m not really one for prayers, but if you are a praying person… my mother has asked for your prayers.

“She asks that you pray for strength, health and perseverance. She asks that you pray out loud and use her name, Martha Caldwell.”

Madonna also shared a tribute to her own mother on Instagram, following the final leg of her tour.

“I stood on stage for 81 shows staring up at the beautiful face of my mother and wondering what she must’ve been thinking as she waved goodbye to me from her hospital window. I stepped into the station wagon and shut the door not knowing it was the last time I’d see her,” she wrote.

Bob has since shared a video of Whoopi Goldberg on her Instagram Story feature, of the The View host urging people to let their loved ones know how they feel.

“You gotta make sure that you tell people, while they’re living, what they mean to you,” Goldberg says in the clip, which is taken from a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

“Our time on the planet goes like that. And because none of us have expiration dates on our booties, we don’t know when [it’s up].”