Singer Beth McCarthy on bisexual romance and why she’ll never date a fan

PinkNews caught up with British singer Beth McCarthy backstage during one of her recent tour shows to ask a few questions about bisexual dating.

PinkNews: What is the best pick-up line you’ve used on someone?

Beth McCarthy: Are you an appendix? Because I don’t know how you work, or what you do, but I really want to take you out.

PN: Describe your type in three words.

BM: Energy, confident, vibes. Which are all the same word, basically.

PN: On your series, What Do You Call It?, who is the best flirter?

BM: Probably Mikayla.

PN: Who’s biggest queer celebrity you want to work with?

BM: Renée Rapp, it’s got to be. We love her.

PN: Would you ever date a fan?

BM: No. Actually, you know what, I always say no because there’s a weird power dynamic or something, but, ideally, you get to a point in life where you’re so well-known that everyone’s your fan, right? So, you don’t really have a choice. Maybe, eventually, if I get that famous. A girl can dream.

PN: What’s the wildest thing that’s happened on your tour so far?

BM: A lot of people want me to draw a tattoo, that’s really crazy. There was a girl who wanted me to draw a form of lesbian symbol, one wanted me to draw a frog, tattoos everywhere.

PN: In the sapphic world, friendliness and flirting can be conflated. How do you let the sapphics know you’re flirting with them?

BM: This is my journey of learning. I think it’s all about the conviction of the way you speak. But I don’t know, don’t ask me!

PN: Have you found the best way to talk to girls?

BM: I mean, [being a sapphic legend] has definitely helped. I just have to scream at people and now it kind of works. They’ll just talk to me now. Which is great because I still don’t know.

Beth McCarthy’s new song, “Good Bi”, is out now.

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