No gay pride at protest

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Around 200 people protested outside Parliament last night against restrictive laws placed on the right of people in this country to protest

There were dozens of banners, demanding everything from an end to racial profiling to free chocolate and tampons, but a common theme running through the protesters was against government control over their lives and rights.

There was not, however, any protesters present to highlight issues for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT).

Nor was there any representation from the main political parties, though this is little surprise as merely talking to Brian Haw has been seen in the past as problematic for Westminster types.

The only political party represented was the Monster Raving Loony party.

Protest organisations such as Greenpeace were represented, with both serious and satirical protesters present.

In light of the serious protesters that made up the majority it is surprising that no LGBT protesters were present.

Not only are there issues regarding abuse of LGBT people in the UK, there are also problems for the LGBT community in countries such as Latvia, Poland, Russia and the USA that need to be highlighted.

Protest group Outrage! was unaware of the event, but its chief Peter Tatchell told that protest is an important tool in democracy.

“Without protests governments are totally unaccountable between elections,” he said.

“Protesting is an effective way to hold government to account and challenge policies that the public do not support, it is also an important way to up hold rights.”

Chalk drawings renamed the pavement opposite the House of Commons as the ‘Peace Pavement’.

The man protesting that everything should be legalised said, when asked, that gay marriage should be legalised.

“If it causes a protest ban it or legalise it, I don’t care, I’m tired, I want to go home,” he told

The only political party representative there, when approached, answered that gay rights were essential as “through being gay you can appreciate the extreme beautifulness of people.”

He also claimed that Princess Anne’s son Peter Philips is a “muscular hunk.”

The mood at the one person, one protest gathering was jovial throughout, with comedian Mark Thomas speaking to the crowd during the one hour protest.

Using Brian Haw’s loudspeaker Mr Thomas suggested that the one person one protest format be made a regular event.

In the background Brian Haw could be heard speculating as to why you need suction pumps at the airport.