Emmerdale Spoilers: Jasmine gets in trouble with the MacFarlanes

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Debbie is horrified when she learns that Jasmine has gone to the MacFarlane club for more information for her scoop. What is she getting herself into?

Jasmine is busy securing herself a bar job. She meets the boss Gary MacFarlane and is quickly warned by the other workers to stay out of his way. When she then meets a delivery boy with a mysterious package, Jasmine begins to realise that this is a dangerous place.

On her first day on the job, she spots a secret meeting taking place in the manager’s office. Intrigued, Jasmine eavesdrops outside the door, unaware that she’s being watched on CCTV by the boss. The office door swings open and Jasmine is promptly fired for her nosiness.

Debbie sends Eli to pick Jasmine up and he’s astounded when he arrives and finds Danielle at the club door. He demands to know where she’s been. Will Danielle tell him the truth?

Elsewhere in the dales, Edna has a go at Rodney for leading Lily astray. At the factory, Lily’s woes are just beginning. She gets another mouthful of abuse from Val and quits her job. What does the future have in store for Lily now?

Over at choir practice, Nicola is determined that she’s going to ruin the choir’s chances of winning the competition. She deviously suggests that they all click their fingers along with the performance. Sam, for one, struggles to sing and dance at the same time. As they rehearse the church assessor arrives to evaluate the church for closure. The villagers stage a protest outside the church, much to the frustration of the assessor. To make matters worse, a drunken Terry turns up and a big argument ensues. Have the villagers blown their chances of survival?

Pollard soon guesses what Nicola and David are up to when he finds an article about converting the church into apartments. What will he do with this information?

Brenda is gutted when Val makes fun of her weight and takes drastic measures to go down a pound or two. The cabbage soup diet she puts herself on soon has some undesired side effects. But will her efforts mean that can she eventually get her man?
Emmerdale Spoilers: Jasmine gets in trouble with the MacFarlanes