EastEnders Spoilers: Will Lauren Fall for Tony’s Charms?

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Convinced that nothing will happen between her and Phil, Shirley plans to leave the square with Vinnie. When Heather finds out that Shirley slept with Phil the other night, she is determined to make her stay – but it is Vinnie who tells her not to settle for second best. But it could all be too late – despite Suzy’s suspicions about Phil. It seems that Suzy has something up her sleeve that could persuade him to stay with her, regardless of his feelings elsewhere.

Things are going from bad to worse for Jack who gets a letter from his ex-wife telling him she is going to get re-married. Then Tanya dumps him so he throws everything out of the house in bin bags. Ronnie comes to the rescue and calms him down – asking if he really wants to see his nieces on the street?

Max seems convinced that he will get back with Tanya when he finds out she has split with Jack – and tells her that when he visits her in prison. But she reminds him that she tried to kill him once and will try again.

Whitney is determined to leave for Spain with Tony but he is using every trick he can think of to stop her in her tracks – including throwing her passport away. The rest of the family rally round to buy presents for her 16th birthday but what she really wants is to get away with Tony. But he has his eye on another – the troubled Lauren who is becoming more dependent on his emotional support.

Ian isn’t impressed that Bianca is trying to sell tickets for the play in the café and it sets him on another mean spree. He enlists some of Bobby’s friends to help make Christmas calendars and has them hard at work all day. Jane isn’t happy when she says it was to save money at the printers.

Shocked that another baby in the special care unit has passed away, Sean and Roxy join forces to will Amy to pull through – although Roxy blames herself for her daughter’s illness, thinking it was because she drank through her pregnancy. And as if she didn’t have enough to worry about, Jack turns up – demanding a paternity test!
EastEnders Spoilers: Will Lauren Fall for Tony’s Charms?