Video: Street preacher calls Rosie O’Donnell a ‘lesbian pig’

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Video footage has emerged of Rosie O’Donnell involved in a strongly-worded exchange with a street preacher who tells her she should go home to do her dishes and calls her a ‘lesbian pig’.

In unflinching footage posted to YouTube in March that surfaced this week, O’Donnell becomes embroiled in the spat as her family watches on.

As the footage begins, the actress is already engaged with the preacher’s group and appears to be telling his acquaintances they can be “saved” as they are “so young”.

The preacher tells her: “You are an ungodly, wicked woman on your way to hell, you need to get saved.”

O’Donnell says she hopes he enjoys his life “behind the megaphone”.

Challenged to quote a Bible verse, she says: “Jesus wept. At you. Because you didn’t get the whole meaning of what he was about.”

The preacher tells her: “Go home and do the dishes, that’s your job.”

Walking away, O’Donnell replies: ‘I’m going home to fuck my wife.’

The man calls: “You’re a pig, a lesbian pig.”

The footage was uploaded to YouTube in March and appears to have been filmed near the Super Bowl, which took place in Indianapolis in February.