US radio host calls TIME magazine equal marriage cover ‘indecent’ and ‘a perversion’

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Peter LaBarbera of the anti-gay group, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, has again weighed in on the debate about equal marriage, commenting on a TIME magazine cover featuring a gay kiss, and calling it a “perversion”.

The cover of the latest edition of TIME magazine was revealed at the end of March, and features an image of same-sex couples kissing, accompanied by the text: “Gay marriage already won”.

The new covers were revealed by TIME on its website, and on Twitter, with two images, one of a gay couple, and one of a lesbian couple, both photographs taken by Peter Hapak.

LaBarbera called the editor of the magazine “confused” for saying that the images symbolised the love inherent within marriage, and called the pictures “indecent”, and said TIME was “promoting perversion”.

“This is shocking that TIME magazine would do this — basically publishing indecent photos, promoting perversion on the cover of their magazine, where on racks across the country children can see this,” he said. “This is an in-your-face promotion of homosexual immorality, and I’m very upset that they would go to this length.”

He said he was “upset” at the managing editor of the magazine, and for his explanation of why they chose the photographs.

“The managing editor of TIME, Richard Stengel, said the images published by TIME were — quote — ‘beautiful and symbolized the love that is at the heart of the idea of marriage’ — unquote,” he wrote. “How can you be more confused? Two people of the same sex kissing symbolizes the love of marriage?”

After he criticised the magazine, saying that he was concerned that children may see the cover, he went on to attack his home state Senator, Mark Kirk, of Illinois, who came out in favour of equal marriage earlier this week.

LaBarbera accused him of “pushing homosexuality in the Republican Party”, reports RightWingWatch. 

Speaking to Time Magazine reporters after he was named ‘Time Magazine Person of the Year’, US President Barack Obama reflected on the transformation made to attitudes towards homosexuality in America.

Back in January, in a similar sentiment, the French edition of Elle Magazine came out in support of equal marriage in France, amidst a heated debate on the issue by featuring a lesbian couple getting married, on its cover.