Michelle Visage: Perez Hilton sets the gay community back 50 years

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Michelle Visage has claimed that her fellow Celebrity Big Brother house-mate Perez Hilton is “setting the LGBT community back” half a century.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race judge – who is a strong favourite to win the series – made the comments about the gossip blogger, who she described as an “ass”.

The columnist baffled his housemates when he danced around the garden topless, ‘dry humping’ the furniture while making sexual noises.

Visage told Big Brother: “What we just witnessed is an outrage. [Perez] sets our community back fifty years.

“He’s an embarrassment, I do not want people judging the gay community on this ass.”

After Perez Hilton put Visage up for eviction, she told other housemates: “He’s looking for fans. I said ‘Do you not know how you look? Fans? You’ve done nothing but performing for cameras, doing soliloquies in the garden. You’re not going to get a fan.’

The scenes will air tonight.

Presenter Jonathan Ross revealed last April that he is working on a UK version of RuPaul’s Drag Race including Visage, and drag artist RuPaul backed the plans in July.

Her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother has re-ignited rumours of plans to raise her profile in the UK, ahead of another push to launch the series.

Jonathan Ross confirmed that he is still “knocking on doors” to find a home for the series this week, saying: “What I wanted to say was one: that there’s nothing happening right now, and two: I’m still working on it and talking about it!

“I’m a big big fan of the show. I’ve been watching it solidly for about three years now. Nothing’s happening right now, but that’s not for want of trying on my part.

“Hopefully something will happen! I’m knocking on doors and I’ve spoken to at least three channels already.

“I would love Michelle to be involved as well, and hopefully with her her doing so well on Celebrity Big Brother, it can’t hurt.”