Elton John tells Keegan Hirst: ‘You’re fabulous!’

The music legend contacted the rugby player after he publicly came out last weekend.

What a week it has been for Batley Bulldogs captain Keegan Hirst!

After bravely coming out last weekend, Hirst has gone on to speak candidly about his struggle to accept his sexuality, the pressures he faced to live up to the “macho image” his sport portrays and how his recent admissions will effect his young family.

And it is this bravery that has won him the admiration of fans, fellow players and celebrities alike.

After playing his first game as an openly gay man, Hirst received cheers from the crowd – as well as messages of support from teammates and ex players – including fellow out rugby champion Gareth Thomas.

He also received heartfelt support from actress Emma Watson – who praised both his physical and moral courage.

However, Hirst has now revealed that the strangest moment of an understandably surreal week came when the legendary Sir Elton John dropped him a line to share his support.

When he got the call from a woman who claimed she was Elton John’s PA, Hirst thought it was a joke – but then Sir Elton himself came onto the phone.

“Hi Keegan, it’s Elton. I think you’re fabulous!”

Hirst told the Mirror, “He said it’s good that I’m breaking down barriers and stereotypes. I was a bit lost for words, but we had a good chat. He was really supportive.

“It was a bit surreal. It’s amazing that Sir Elton John took the time to do that. It’s incredible.”

He added that John later sent him an email and told him to keep in touch.

“He said that he would follow my story. He was a really nice guy.”