Cher hints at new music release

Cher has hinted she will be releasing new music, but not before she works on getting Hillary Clinton elected President.

The pop sensation took to Twitter on Monday and Wednesday evening to say she’d been in the studio and was looking forward to working on a new “CD” once she had worked on the first leg of Hillary’s campaign.

Cher hints at new music release

In her first tweet, she said: “Just walked out of the studio.

“Had a blast [sic], put two songs down. Was dead from fittings. Wish I could go in jeans and high heels, but shade is cold [sic] burr.”

The following night, the 70-year-old suggested she had brought her song tally up to four, by recording a further two tunes.

Cher hints at new music release

“Worked last night [sic]. Put down two songs for [zipped mouth emoji]. So cute.

“When I get back from first leg of Hillary’s [sic] campaign, I’ll start new CD.

“So excited. Forget [sic] I love [sic] singing.”

As yet it’s unclear of what kind of music Cher is working on or what the new album will be called.

She has previously suggested that she would cover songs by men, such as; Elvis, Bruce Springsteen and the Eagles.

Earlier this month it was revealed that Cher would be campaigning with Hillary Clinton at LGBT events across the country. The Miami beach fundraiser takes place tonight (Friday, August 19) and she is to host.

The star, who doesn’t sit on the fence when it comes to expressing her political opinion, has previously said that Boris Johnson is a tosser and that Donald Trump is like Hitler.