Cher is ‘not a Cher fan’

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It turns out one of Cher’s biggest detractors is in her own home: she says she’s “not a huge fan” of herself.

“I’m not a Cher fan!” she admitted yesterday, despite being in the middle of an interview to promote her own new ‘Classic Cher’ residency shows.

Cher (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

“I’ve never really been in love with Cher,” she confessed. “She’s all right, but it’s like I’m not a huge fan.”

Part of that comes down to the fact that the 70-year-old is having a tough time coming to terms with her own age.

She said: “I look in the mirror, and I see this old lady looking back at me – I have no idea how she got there.

“If I put 70 candles on my cake, I would blow my brains out, you know?”

It wasn’t all doom-and-gloom though – she also revealed the first surprising details about next year’s run of shows, including a very unexpected duet.

She’ll perform ‘I Got You Babe’ with an on-screen projection of her late ex-husband Sonny Bono. “I thought it was going to be too hard but it was just fun.

“I was just telling this guy the other night that came over, I said, ‘You know, [Sonny and I] were so in tune — we were not always perfect, for sure — but we were so in tune in some way, that if he came back right now we would go riff and have each other’s back and it would just be the same.”

Earlier this year she tweeted that she was working on new music, but wouldn’t confirm if she’ll have new material ready to perform at next year’s concerts.

The star also used the chance to reiterate her views on the election – and in case you couldn’t guess, she’s not a fan of Donald Trump.

“I feel like I’m yelling ‘fire,’ and no-one is listening.

“I care about the country, and I know that the people that are following Trump, they care about the country, too. But I don’t think it’s the same country I care about.”

Cher has appeared alongside Hillary Clinton at several campaign events, and this week reiterated that she thinks that if given the chance to be president, she will “rise to that occasion.”