Andrew Garfield just can’t stop kissing men

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Former Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield apparently can’t stop making out with men.

The actor upstaged the Golden Globes this week when he was caught on camera ‘consoling’ Ryan Reynolds – who lost out on a gong for his role as Deadpool – with a passionate kiss.

He was asked about the kiss last night while appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Garfield joked:  “I just wanted Ryan to know that I loved him no matter if he won or lost.

“I wanted him to know it’s how you play the game, it doesn’t matter, he showed up and gave it all and it doesn’t change anything in my heart. I just wanted him to know I love him very much.”

When Colbert asked if he was “comfortable kissing other men”, Garfield responded: “I don’t even understand the question.”

The pair then shared a passionate kiss – to cheers from the audience.

The actor previously dated his Amazing Spider-Man co-star Emma Stone.

Andrew Garfield previously spoke out after hacked emails from the Sony film studio revealed that all variants of Spider-Man are contractually banned from having same-sex romances under strict Marvel Comics licensing rules.

The guidelines state that all variants of the Spider-Man character must be straight until Marvel decides otherwise.

Garfield said: “I’m excited to get to the point where we don’t have to have this conversation, where we can have a pansexual Spider-Man.

“The richness of the world we’re in, the diversity of the world we’re in; you look at the animal kingdom and you see it reflected.

“You look all over… what are we so scared of? Why are we so, ‘No, it has to be this way, a man and a woman.’ Why is that even a conversation?”