Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk really does do more work than the other guys

Bobby Berk

Queer Eye‘s interior designer Bobby Berk has finally admitted that he does more work than his co-stars, saying: “Well, I mean… yeah!”

Fans frequently made fun of how Berk’s workload compared to the rest of the Fab Five in Season 1, pointing to how the design expert is often set the colossal task of renovating an entire house.

Meanwhile, food expert Antoni Porowski was merely shown serving up some guacamole in Episode 1 and cheese toasties in Episode 2 (admittedly, they are gourmet versions of the sandwich).

And, although culture guru Karamo Brown provided much-needed inspirational advice throughout the series, he physically did little more than making a patchwork quilt and buying a few theatre tickets.

A Queer Eye fan highlighting Berk’s heavy workload (Bobvulfov/Twitter)

In a new interview with Life & Style, Berk was asked what he thinks of fans who say he works harder than the others in the Fab Five.

He responded: “Well, I mean… yeah!”

The star went on to clarify his remark, adding: “And I don’t mean that the other boys don’t [do a lot of work], it’s literally just physics, it’s reality that I’m redoing a house.

“So it’s not like their jobs are less important or they’re doing less work, even though they’re doing less physical work, it’s just… I have more to do.”

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 07: (L-R) Jonathan Van Ness, Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, and Karamo Brown attend Netflix's Queer Eye premiere screening and after party on February 7, 2018 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Netflix)

The Queer Eye cast (Rich Fury/Getty)

Queer Eye‘s Fab Five have been keeping themselves busy since the release of Season 1 in February.

They left fans in a state of sexual frustration on Friday, after posting raunchy pics of themselves posing in bed.

The thirst-trapping was initiated by food expert Porowski, who posted a photo of himself in bed with a cup of coffee and the sarcastic caption: “Party hardy Fridays.”

Grooming expert Van Ness recently trolled US treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin’s wife Louise Linton on Instagram during a live recording of his podcast, and said she has a “head full of terrible extensions.”


Earlier this month, France spoke out about the racism and “sickening” discrimination he has faced since being in the spotlight as one fifth of Queer Eye. 

Also in May, Porowski revealed that he is publishing a cookbook with 100 recipes.

Brown, meanwhile, recently revealed that he is engaged.

In March, Netflix confirmed that Queer Eye would be returning to our screens for Season 2. Later that month, Berk spilled the beans on the second series, saying that it is pretty much “ready to go.”