Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown is getting his own line of gender-neutral bomber jackets

Karamo Brown deletes Twitter following Sean Spicer controversy

Queer Eye‘s Karamo Brown is set to launch his own line of gender-neutral bomber jackets.

The culture guru, who is well-known for wearing striking bomber jackets, revealed his plans on Sunday (August 12).

“It’ll be coming very, very, very, soon,” he told Variety at a Emmy screening event at NeueHouse in Hollywood.

“We’re starting with a small collection, and it’s going to be unisex. It’s going to be all sorts of patterns from things that are sparkly to things that are floral to things that you can wear to work.”

The Fab Five’s Brown recently backed deaf fans of Queer Eye, after they complained about poor subtitling on Netflix.

He pledged to get the streaming service to improve its access to the show.

Brown tweeted: “Reading everyone’s comments breaks my heart. I don’t know how much power I have but know, the next time I’m at Netflix I’m going to bring up this issue internally & won’t stop until something changes.

“Deaf & HOH people should have the same experience as everyone else!”

In June, Brown revealed that he had met up with Karen Pence – US vice president Mike Pence’s wife and the second lady of the country – at the White House to discuss the arts and LGBT+ issues.

Another great work week done… Looking towards the weekend! Time to turn up!

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Karen Pence once complained that a newspaper was “promoting homosexuality” by including the number of an LGBT helpline.

And, according to president Donald Trump, her husband Mike Pence reportedly once said that he wanted hang all gay people. 

Speaking to Vulture, Brown said: “I was just at the White House a week ago, and I met with Karen Pence and her chief of staff.

“It was phenomenal to be able to go in there and discuss arts, but also to speak about LGBT issues.”

Brown was then interrupted by grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness, who joked: “She’s our biggest fan, she watches it every night.

“Her and dad like to watch it every night in their modesty outfits, but they watch it completely separated because it’s improper to look at each other face-to-face whilst you watch gay men.”

He then told Brown: “She doesn’t like you, girl, she don’t like us.”

Queer Eye returned to Netflix screens in June (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Explaining his decision to meet up with Karen Pence, the culture expert said: “Some of her staffers said she enjoyed the show.

“But the thing is, no matter if someone has personal feelings about my sexuality or how they view me, it’s my job to the community to show up in spaces – and all of our jobs to the community – to show up in spaces where we can say: ‘You know what, I can figure out how to try to work with you, so that we can make sure that other people, we’re helping future generations.'”

Queer Eye season two was released on Netflix in June, with the Fab Five making over a transgender man, called Skyler, for the first time.