Patrick’s proposal to David on Schitt’s Creek was amazing

Patrick proposes to David on Canadian TV show Schitt's Creek.

Schitt’s Creek has shown a wonderful same-sex proposal which melted viewers’ hearts.

During the April 2 episode, entitled “The Hike,” Patrick Brewer got down on one knee and popped the question to his pansexual partner and business co-owner David Rose.

After David (Daniel Levy) had carried his injured partner for most of their romantic hike, Patrick (Noah Reid) instructed him to get a small package from one of the bags before getting down on one knee behind him.

Watch Patrick and David get engaged on Schitt’s Creek:

David sees that the box contains four gold rings—to complement his signature look—and turned around to see Patrick ready to propose. Tearing up, he asked: “What’s going on?”

His partner responded: “So I used to come on this hike a lot when I first moved here and I was developing feelings for this guy I had just gotten into business with.

“And I didn’t know what to do about it, because I didn’t know if that guy had the same feelings or if I’d ever be able to muster up the courage to let him know how I felt,” he continued.

“Here he is. The love of my life, standing in front of me. And this just felt like the perfect place to ask you to marry me.”

— Patrick to David on Schitt’s Creek

“And now, here he is. The love of my life, standing in front of me. And this just felt like the perfect place to ask you to marry me.”

David, still tearing up while laughing with joy, asked: “Are you sure?”

“Easiest decision of my life,” came the response.

David asked: “Are these 24-carat?” before laughing, waving his arm dismissively and clarifying: “It’s a yes. It’s a yes. I love you.”

Schitt’s Creek fans loved the proposal

Queer viewers of the Canadian show were over the moon about Patrick’s proposal.

One person tweeted: “Oh god, even suspecting that was coming I’m a sobbing happy MESS over #SchittsCreek I love this show so much. It’s so perfectly sweet & funny + this is exactly the queer rep my heart needs.”

Another fan wrote: “So, @SchittsCreek is a perfect show and we as a society are forever indebted to @danjlevy and his magical, beautiful brain.

“Tonight’s episode was so stunning, I’m speechless. Just, forever.”

David and Patrick getting engaged on Schitt's Creek in an episode aired on April 2 2019.

David turns around and Patrick is waiting to propose. (Schitt’s Creek)

“The Hike” left many people in tears, like the fan who commented: “This. Is. EVERYTHING. Tears of joy are flowing. ‘Are these 24 carat?’ is the only way to ever respond. So perfect @olreid and @danjlevy!”

Another tearful viewer wrote: “I have watched every season of #SchittsCreek about 10 times and finally got to watch The Hike just now and sobbed like a baby when Patrick got on his knee. ”

The scene was so emotional some viewers simply had to watch it again. One person said: “Had to watch the David & Patrick scenes from The Hike again before I went to work today since I may’ve been loudly yelling the 1st time ❤.”

Another fan tweeted: “Well—I’ve now watched penultimate scene of ‘The Hike’ four times in the last 12 hours. Going to need some help getting over this one.”

Schitt’s Creek will be back for a sixth and final season in 2020. Season five’s final episode will air on April 9.