Mel C movingly expresses her support for trans rights at Brighton Pride

Mel C says Girl Power means equality for trans people, too

While performing at Brighton Pride, Spice Girls singer Mel C draped herself in a trans flag and expressed her support for trans rights.

The singer, real name Melanie Chisholm, dedicated Spice Girls classic “2 Become 1” to the trans community and donned a transgender flag for the performance in Brighton’s Pride Pleasure Gardens on Saturday (August 3).

She explained to the LGBT+ crowd: “I’ve learned a lot about myself and one of the things I’ve never expected to do was to find more acceptance for every single part of me, so I thank you for that.”

Mel C: Trans people deserve love

Mel C continued:  “I’ve been proudly holding the Pride flag everywhere I go, very proudly. But tonight, I’ve been given my one of my dancers, this very special flag, and I’m going to be holding this tonight when I sing my next song.

“This is a flag that we don’t see often enough. This is a flag we want to see a lot more of. This is for trans and non-binary [people].”

Mel C showed her support for trans rights

Mel C showed her support for trans rights

She added: “Every part of the Pride community is very important, so tonight, I’m sharing this. We all need, we all deserve, and we all should have love.”

Elsewhere in her set, the singer invited four drag queens on stage to stand in for all the other Spice Girls.

The star has been touring with queens from Sink The Pink, who took on the roles of Mel B, Emma Bunton, Geri Horner, and Victoria Beckham.

Spice Girls face ‘awkwardness’ after surprise sex admission

Although the drag Spice Girls seemed to get along fine, elsewhere this week Mel B admitted there was awkwardness between some of the members of the band.

Speaking to Event magazine, Mel B admitted that her relationship with Geri Horner had soured after she unwittingly revealed they had had a one-night stand.

She said: “Things got really pumped up in the press and on social media, and yes, it was difficult between Geri and myself for a while.

“I texted her on the night I did the Piers Morgan show and explained what he’d said and how I’d answered and she was fine with it. The problem was it then got hyped up into a much bigger story, and it didn’t help that we were just about to begin rehearsals [for the Spice Girls tour].

“It was awkward. We hadn’t been back in the situation of being together every single day, being on stage, rehearsing, getting ourselves back into Spice Girls mode, and then all the headlines about our relationship were thrown into the mix, which was pretty bad timing.”

However, she clarified that “Geri and I are in a good place now” following the row.