Todrick Hall fires back at homophobic bullies in queer anthem ‘F*G’

Todrick Hall fired back at his homophobic bullies

Todrick Hall is reclaiming a slur and firing back at childhood bullies in new track ‘FAG’.

The queer musician dropped the final music video for the track from EP Haus Party Pt 2, his first major release since his high-profile ‘You Need to Calm Down’ collaboration with Taylor Swift brought his work to a new wave of fans.

Todrick Hall has a message for his homophobic bullies.

In the track, he raps: “They called me ‘fag’, now I’m the one with the bag/They called me ‘bitch’, now look who famous and rich

“They threw their stones and now they’re begging for loans/They threw their sticks and now they’re riding my d**k.”

Queerluminati confirmed: Todrick Hall has a message for his homophobic bullies

The video features Hall and dancers wearing t-shirts bearing insults like “fag”, “sissy” and “punk”.

The track concludes: “This fag rich/They swag poor/They ain’t calling me fag no more.

“Now they slide in my DMs when they see me on TV/Miss me with that f**katry.”

Real-life bullying experiences inspired track

Hall has previously spoken about being bullied while growing up in Texas, explaining: “I was bullied my whole life as an African-American kid who wanted to do ballet… anything that’s not ‘normal’ is something that warrants people to bully you.

“I was playing soccer in elementary school when some of the kids started calling me a faggot. This one day, for some reason, it really got to me.”

He added: “I went home, I asked my mom, and she started crying and I started crying, and she sat me down and said, ‘Some people don’t understand being different. You’re special and sometimes people are intimidated by that. You just have to stay strong.’

“Those were the last tears I ever shed over being bullied by people, and I’ve learned to take that energy and use it as a motivation to be successful, and make those people realise that what they said is wrong.”

Fans are loving ‘FAG’.

The track  is getting a lot of love online.

One fan wrote: “I loved this so much I watched 9 times in a row just to appreciate the choreography and the lyrics fully and wow. Todrick is an artist.”

Another joked: “The US has started talks with North Korea to retrieve my wig.”

One more earnest YouTube comment said: “I think you’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen! I’m a 44 year old single mom and I just found you on YouTube.

“I’ve been watching all your videos tonight and forgive me please for just now finding you.

“I think you’re inspirational and your openness is literally a breath of fresh air the world needs! I’m thanking you now for your openness.

“I have a straight teenage son. I want and need people like you to be his guide into this awesome new world! I pray for a calm and accepting world for my son to grow up in.”