Lady Gaga fell off stage in Vegas and caused a minor gay panic

Lady Gaga falling off stage in Vegas

A video of Lady Gaga falling off stage during a show in Las Vegas has gone viral and honestly, you hate to see it.

Lady Gaga returned to Vegas on Thursday, October 17, for the first night of a new leg of her Enigma residency.

The show has won rave reviews since it debuted last December, with critics praising Gaga for the slick, steely and – until now – flaw-free spectacle.

Part way through Thursday’s performance, the ‘Born This Way’ singer invited a fan to join her on stage and jumped into his arms.

But as this video shows, the fan lost his footing at the edge of the stage, sending them both tumbling into the crowd below.

On Reddit, one fan wrote: “I was there. We legitimately all thought she was dead.”

Fortunately Gaga bounced back pretty quickly, returning to the stage to play ‘A Million Reasons’.

“She brought [the fan] up on stage and asked everyone on the internet to be nice to him, and played the next song with him like nothing even happened.

“Poor guy was crying most of the time until she cheered him up.”

Gaga joked “we love each other so much we fell off the damn stage, adding: “We fell into each other’s arms. We’re like Jack and Rose from Titanic.”

On Twitter, a number of fans were concerned that the fall might have done Gaga some serious damage (and delayed her long-awaited sixth album).

The singer has been open about her struggles with fibromyalgia, a debilitating condition that left her in “severe physical pain” and unable to perform a planned UK tour in 2018.

In 2013 she was also forced to prematurely end her Born This Way Ball after sustaining a hip injury that required surgery.