MNEK is pumping out solid coronavirus bops from home, meanwhile the rest of us didn’t even put trousers on today


Gay recording artist, songwriter and record producer MNEK has been brightening everyone’s days with some solid coronavirus bops.

While many of us are struggling to even get dressed as we work from home the artist, who has written and produced for Beyoncé, Dua Lipa, Little Mix, Madonna, Diplo, MØ and Stormzy to a few, has been creating a cappella tunes.

The singer, who also acted as voice coach to the queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, uploaded five short songs to Instagram and his followers have been obsessed.

The first relatable song, in which he sings “I’m bored, so damn bored”, is captioned: “I was supposed to be doing some vocal production today but self isolation so here ya go.”

The second song, about “stopping the spread”, the lyrics include: “I can’t let the virus spread, or else I’ll be dead.”

One commenter wrote: “Thank you for blessing our time lines yet again.”

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the corona EP is going swell

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The third song, encouraging people to “stay your ass indoors and be safe”, MNEK reminds everyone: “Even though you’re getting bored, you can’t leave your house no more.”

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stay your ass indoors pls ✨ and be safe ???

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As the a cappella posts continued, they became more and more relatable. In the song ‘Self Isolating’, he sang: “I watched the news today and it brought me down, I looked outside and there was no one around.”

His pièce de résistance and final song ‘Quarantine’ was performed wearing a face mask.

The caption read: “I deserve a medal for keeping a straight face while recording this with a mask on… I’ll still do a capella videos on here but just no more corona content.

“But thank you for all your kind words and I’m happy you guys liked all these and thankful that/if they’ve brought you some light in this dark moment we’re in.

“Much love and please be safe.”

Devastated that the coronavirus bops would be no more, one person commented: “I think your COVID-19 album is due.”

One commenter added: “I just need you to keep giving me life with these vocals.”

Another made the point: “I mean, you could write a song about paint drying and it would be 10/10.”