Lil Nas X bravely comes out as heterosexual… on April Fool’s Day

Lil Nas X in an orange leopard print suit

The CEO of the gay yeehaw agenda is no more, after Lil Nas X came out as heterosexual on Twitter Wednesday morning.

Lil Nas X just sad, at the very top of his lungs: “Straight rights!”

“I was never gay,” the “Old Town Road” rapper wrote, “I said it to build up fuel for April Fool’s Day.”

“Ha, got you guys,” he added, although, it remains unclear at what age precisely he became aware that he was straight.

Lil Nas X bravely comes out as heterosexual: ‘It’s hard, but somebody has to take a stand.’

The rapper, real name Montero Hill, got horny on main as minutes late he tweeted: “Where the hoes at?”

Hill embraced his heterosexuality in his brave decision to come out publicly as straight. This is at a time when multiple straight Pride marches were squashed by anti-hetero city councillors and LGBT+ activists last year.

The fight for heterosexual rights is needed now more than ever, probably.

“It’s hard,” Hill explained, “but somebody has to take a stand and lead the other straight people afraid to be themselves.”

One follower asked Hill how he knows he’s heterosexual, and he responded: “Let’s kiss so I can find out.”

But Hill’s heterosexuality was just a phase – 13 minutes to be exact – later he came out as gay again.

“OK, I’m gay again,” he said.

Thank goodness. Our gay supreme has returned and we can’t believe he

We are and will forever be blessed to be in the same timeline as Lil Nas X, the man who not only invented cowboys and the colour pink, but April Fool’s Day as well.