Ezra Miller grabs fan by the throat and pushes her to the ground in viral video, prompting blistering backlash online

Ezra Miller grabs female fan by the throat in viral video, prompting blistering backlash online

Footage has emerged of Ezra Miller grabbing a female fan by the throat and pushing her to the ground, prompting outrage online.

The US actor, who uses they/them pronouns as a “pointed refusal to be gendered or identified in any category“, can be seen with both of their hands around the woman’s neck in the viral video.

“Did you wanna fight?” Ezra Miller says, walking towards the woman, who is moving her hands in the air.

Miller then grabs her neck with both hands.

Initially seen smiling, the woman gasps as Miller pushes her towards the ground.

“Woah! Bro, bro, bro, bro, bro!” a panicked voice off-camera says.

The actor is then seen briefly holding the woman near the ground with their hands on her neck, before the footage goes jumpy and cuts out.

The incident reportedly took place outside a shop in Iceland, according to the original video, which was first posted on Reddit.

“DC’s Flash actor Ezra Miller chokes out a female fan in Iceland after challenging her to a fight. It happened two days ago and the mainstream media is oddly silent,” the Reddit thread reads, with commenters discussing why the video ends in silence and why Miller has not responded to the incident publicly.

Users have been debating whether the incident could have been a joke, in good humour, or not, with many firmly pointing out that it is never a joke to grab a woman by the neck.

As Ezra Miller began trending on Twitter, fans reacted by slamming Miller.

Me checking why Ezra miller is trending and expecting [they’re] just probably doing some iconic gay shit but seeing [they’re] choking goddamn a woman,” one Twitter user wrote.

Next, #ezramillerisoverparty began trending online.

As fans began cancelling Miller and suggesting other white celebrities – like Adam Driver, Timothée Chalamet and Harry Styles – to stan instead, others suggested Zendaya.

“Anyways lets stop trusting men, stan Zendaya,” one person suggested.

As others woke up to see Ezra Miller trending, more and more people condemned their actions.

However, while many used the wrong pronouns for the actor, one Twitter user reminded people that using the right pronouns for people matters even when they’ve done “something disgusting”.

PinkNews has contacted representatives of Ezra Miller for comment.