Teen Wolf turned OnlyFans star Tyler Posey says he’s ‘hooked up’ with other guys and has ‘done it’ at sex parties

Tyler Posey poses as he sings about his new OnlyFans account. Some fans, however, were not impressed. (Instagram)

Tyler Posey has opened up about his sexuality, saying that he has “hooked up” with men in the past.

Chatting on a video Q&A uploaded to his OnlyFans account Sunday morning (October 18), the Teen Wolf star spoke candidly about his sex life, including his encounters with other men.

“I haven’t had sex with a man before,” he said in one video.

“We’ve blown each other, you know what I mean? But never had sex. So, yes, I have been with men before.”

“To anybody who is new here and asking if I’ve hooked up with guys before, the answer is yes,” he added in another clip.

“Ever used a dildo?” he said, reading a viewer’s question. “Yes, I’ve been f**ked with a strap on before.”

Tyler Posey talks sex parties and sobriety.

Posey also spoke about attending sex parties while discussing his sobriety with Sirius XM’s Jason Ellis.

He said that after a “rough patch” he was 71 days sober at the time of the interview, on October 15, pointing to a recent sex party he had attended where “they had a table of cocaine, just a table”.

“And they had holy water, which was shots with molly in it, and mushroom chocolate. And I didn’t give a s**t at all,” he said.

“People were hired to perform [at the party],” he added. “None of the people that I saw that attended — that were like guests — had sex, but I have been to other sex parties… I wasn’t part of the people who worked there, but I was doing it. But this was when I was kind of abusing stuff and myself.”

Posey also addressed an Instagram video he posted in August, responding to a savage episode of violence against three trans influencers in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Condemning transphobic violence, Posey said in the video that he had “been with trans women before”, was “confident in his sexuality and loved everybody”.

This was misconstrued by Ellis, who suggested Posey had come out as “bisexual or pansexual” by saying he, a man, had been with a woman.

Posey clarified the intention of his video was to fight the stigma around relationships between cis men and trans women.

“Originally I was wanting to shed light through whatever way that I could and then I was hit with wanting to come out myself with that whole thing and be honest about it,” he said.

“I know there’s a lot of kids look up to me and I just want to f***ing get rid of that stigma.

“You can be whoever you want to be and get with whoever you want to get with and it shouldn’t affect you.”

Tyler Posey launched his OnlyFans account last month – a move which proved mildly contentious among some fans  — allowing fans pay $14.99 a month for content such as photographs and video.

The singer has uploaded a slew of shoots directed by Bella Thorne, the Disney star who opened her own OnlyFans account earlier this year.