Ben Shapiro is foaming at the mouth over a crumb of lesbian representation in Kristen Stewart’s Christmas film

Ben Shapiro

It never takes much to rile up Ben Shapiro, so it’s hardly surprising that a heartwarming gay rom-com would be enough to threaten his fragile conservative sensibilities.

The right-wing pundit’s latest bone to pick is with Kristen Stewart’s lesbian Christmas movie The Happiest Season, which has made Shapiro decidedly unhappy.

Hulu’s cheesy festive film left critics glowing, but according to the Daily Wire editor, who has never watched it, its very existence will “slap your sensibilities in the face and treat you like you’re a fool”.

“In the end, conservatives are going to have to get into the business of actually making entertainment because the left has decided that all entertainment is now to be woke. All of it. Right?” he fumed.

“Even holiday programming is to be designed toward pleasing and placating left-wing critics. For example, normal holiday fare tends to be pablum. Right? It tends to be the kind of stuff that is not socially justice-oriented. It sort of warms the cockles of your heart.”

If Shapiro was capable of stretching his mind a little he might consider that a lesbian love story could actually be heartwarming to some people, but he’s not, so he can’t.

He graciously conceded that it’s “a free country” and Hulu is therefore welcome to spread as much queer cheer as it wants – just not at Christmas. Never Christmas.

“Typically, when you’re talking about a religious holiday, which is what Christmas is – I mean it is a secular holiday for many Americans but it also happens to be a religious holiday – typically you celebrate that [with] things that don’t directly cut against a lot of religious sensibilities.

“But that’s the direction that Hulu has gone,” he moaned.

Ben Shapiro claims this single, solitary counterpoint to a winter wonderland of heteronormative narratives is “all about how a conservative family learns that all of their religious values has been a bunch of crap for years”, which certainly sounds like a Christmas miracle to us.

“All I’m saying is that if you’re a conservative with conservative sensibilities, at a certain point you might get sick of the fact that Hollywood only wants to make the kinds of movies that you despise,” he suggested.

“It only wants to make the kind of movies that slap your sensibilities in the face and treat you like you’re a fool.”

In all fairness to Hulu, that’s hardly a challenge when it comes to Ben Shapiro.