WWE legend D-Von Dudley says he’s coming out as gay and appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race

D-Von Dudley might have come out as gay, but no one is really sure.

In the latest episode of the Table Talk podcast, WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley said he was “upset” because “dirt sheet writers” wouldn’t print that he had come out as gay.

In an unprompted rant on the show, he said: “I’m upset at these dirt sheet [wrestling magazine] writers.

“I came out the closet. I tried to say I was gay and I tried to come out of the closet and tell the truth. They don’t want to print that. They don’t want to say that.

“I tried to say I was going to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race. They didn’t want to print that either.

“I’m upset. They can put bogus things like me falling in love with Stephanie McMahon, my health issues like I’m dying, they can put all of that up but they can’t admit that I’m coming out the closet. I’m upset.”

Fans aren’t sure if D-Von Dudley’s coming out is genuine or a tasteless joke

Lindsey Martini, a host of the podcast, quipped: “Maybe they already knew?”

Fans on Twitter were initially confused about whether the revelation was serious.

One tweeted: “Did D-Von Dudley just come out as gay? Or is this a joke? Anyway big ups brother.”

A second said: “Did D-Von Dudley really try to use coming out of the closet as a way to slam the behaviour of dirt sheets (wrestling news/gossip magazines)?

“I’d really hope not. Coming out isn’t a joke.”

Responding to “dirt sheet writers” reporting on his coming out, D-Von Dudley tweeted: “I think it’s funny. I didn’t think they would bite but they did.”

Fans were not pleased when he hinted that he’d made it up.

One person tweeted: “Wait, so you fake came out, a very important, powerful and sometimes traumatising and dangerous thing for queer people of all ages just to prove a point to ‘dirt sheets’?”

Dudley, born Devon Hughes, is currently married to Taylor Hughes. He has two daughters with her and four sons from his previous marriage.

Earlier this year, Dudley spoke about being infatuated with wrestler and WWE executive Stephanie McMahon.

He said: “She is beautiful inside and out, funny, charismatic. She is everything that I would think that a woman should be if I wasn’t married.”

There are a number of out and proud WWE stars, including Pat Patterson who died in December, and Welsh wrestler Tegan Nox.