The Crown’s Emma Corrin confesses she stole a lover’s clothes to sniff

Emma Corrin shot to fame in the fourth season of BBC's The Crown. (Vanity Fair/Twitter)

The Crown star Emma Corrin has admitted that she kept a partner’s clothes so she could sniff it in a game of Never Have I Ever.

The Golden Globe-winning actress had to take a drink when asked by Vanity Fair if she had “ever kept a partner’s item of clothing so I could sniff it.”

Jessica Alba asked Corrin if her partner found out, and she admitted: “She did know, yes.

“I think I’m a very smell-oriented person, and I could do it with jumpers. Jumpers is a good one. Jumpers are sweaters. It’s the most comforting thing you could hug.”

But she wasn’t alone – Alba also took a sly sip of her drink, and Kelly Rowland responded: “I should actually drink this whole thing.”

Emma Corrin was the breakout star of The Crown season four, in which she played Diana, Princess of Wales.

Last week (8 April), Corrin shared a cryptic Instagram post in which she called herself a “queer bride”, which many took as a coming out moment.

Emma Corrin had a crush on a co-star

Stealing her partners clothes to sniff wasn’t the only thing Corrin ‘fessed up to during the game. She also admitted that she has had a crush on a co-star.

She didn’t confirm who the co-star was, but did say “it wasn’t Prince Charles [Josh O’Connor], which was probably for the best because that was a long shoot so that could have been excruciating”.

Corrin’s next project is My Policeman, which will be released on Amazon Prime in 2022. The film, based on the Bethan Roberts novel of the same name, centers around an LGBT+ love triangle in Brighton in the 1950s.

Corrin, playing Marion, will form a part of the love triangle alongside Harry Styles, who will play the titular role of Tom, the policeman. David Dawson, known for roles in Luther and The Last Kingdom, will be the third in the love triangle, playing Patrick.

Linus Roache and Rupert Everett will also star as Tom and Patrick respectively, later in their lives.