Miitopia’s character creator tools are impressive, bonkers and – in some cases – cursed

Miitopia Nintendo

A demo has been released for forthcoming Switch RPG Miitopia, but it’s the character creator that’s taking the internet by storm.

Characters in the RPG are made up of player created Mii characters, first introduced on Nintendo’s Wii console.

It means you can customise the entire story with party members, and even villains, based on your own creations.

The demo itself gives an early taste of what’s to come in the story and turn-based battles, plus your progress carries over into the full game once it’s released on 21 May.

But it’s the Miitopia character creator that’s got everyone excited.

You can start from scratch, create from likeness or copy mii from amiibo. The second option gives you an example you can gradually edit.

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You then have options to tweak facial features, hair, accessories and more. Initially it’s not the most robust creator, but selecting the Mii option from the main menu allows you to add extra features like makeup or a wig.

It’s with these additional options that you can create a Mii that reflects whoever you want to be, regardless of gender. And this is how the game also, sort of, allows for same-sex romances.

But players have got incredibly creative with their Miis, sharing the best ones online. 

They are as impressive as they are hilarious. Best of all, with an access code, you can share and download your favourites to your own Miitopia game.

Of course, video game faces are an obvious starting point. From Mario’s nemesis Bowser to the brothers themselves, from sexy Hades protagonist Zagreus to sexy Fire Emblem hero Claude.

Then there are some famous faces, from Harley Quinn to classic art. Mona Miisa anyone?

Perhaps the most impressive, or cursed, of all are those that aren’t even faces. Mind blown.

Truly there is a Mii for everyone. Thank you Nintendo. 

Expect even more to be gracing social media once Miitopia is released on 21 May. Try the demo yourself now and see more of the Miitopia character creator in the trailer below. It’s a wild ride.