Anti-LGBT+ Republican loses posts after sharing terrible, explicit oral sex advice on TikTok

Anti-LGBT+ West Virginia delegate Joe Jeffries

Joe Jeffries, an anti-LGBT+ Republican in the West Virginia House of Delegates, has been removed from his committee posts after sharing terrible cunnilingus advice on TikTok.

Jeffries has promoted religious gay “conversion”, compared trans people to “dogs identifying as cats”, and was the lead sponsor of a bill that would have forbid any teaching or displays relating to sexuality in the state’s public schools.

But, in an ironic move for a lawmaker so vehemently against discussion of sexuality, Jeffries recently took to TikTok to give some explicit and bizarre advice on oral sex, according to WV Public Broadcasting.

Responding to a user who asked whether “sitting on someone’s face” meant “sit or hover”, he said: “So here’s the thing, ladies. If he’s not pushing you up, gasping for air, then you are probably doing it wrong.

“You should be rubbing that thing all over his face, like hard.

“His nose should be shoving your clit so far back up inside of you that it just drives you wild.

“Sit, not hover, sit. Push down. All your weight. He’ll take care of the rest.”

As the now-deleted TikTok began circulating online, Jeffries was called out by his fellow West Virginia politicians.

The state’s Democratic Party chair Belinda Biafore said: “West Virginia Republican Party leadership should condemn the actions of GOP Delegate Joe Jeffries on his TikTok account.

“GOP Delegate Jeffries has a slew of inappropriate and vulgar videos with his own sexually explicit commentary on a social media app aimed at youth.”

On Friday (9 July), West Virginia House Speaker Roger Hanshaw decided that Jeffries should be removed from most of his committee posts, describing him as “an embarrassment not just to the House of Delegates, but to the entire state”.

Joe Jeffries has now been removed as vice chair of the Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Services Committee, and has been completely removed from two other committees, including energy and agriculture. He will, however, remain on the Committee on Government Organisation.

Joe Jeffries called school’s Taylor Swift display ‘indoctrination’

Despite his sexually explicit rant on a social media platform mostly used by young people, in 2019 Joe Jeffries took aim at a high school display encouraging support for LGBT+ pupils, claiming it was “indoctrinating” kids.

The colourful display included lyrics from Taylor Swift’s “You Need To Calm Down”, but Jeffries claimed it was “bullying” children who didn’t want to support their LGBT+ peers.

He wrote on Twitter at the time: “I’m being told that this was put up by a teacher at Hurricane High right here in Putnam County, WV.

“It’s against school policy and not everyone has to support or believe the way they do. Bullying is not OK in any form, PERIOD! Indoctrination of our children is happening.”