Marjorie Taylor Greene takes callous, heartless potshot at congresswoman’s trans daughter

Marjorie Taylor Greene laughs at a press conference

Marjorie Taylor Greene celebrated the end of her brief Twitter suspension Tuesday (20 July) by taking aim at trans rights, because why not.

It was business as usual for the Georgia rep who, at a press conference, mounted a divisive attack against science, Democratic lawmakers and, of course, trans people.

The Republican crackpot, who does more Twitter trolling than actual lawmaking, was suspended from the service for pushing various COVID-19 lies.

Now back from her 12-hour suspension, Greene, a notable bigot, laughed as reporters asked whether she felt any responsibility – any at all – for the deaths caused by the misinformation she spreads.

Giggling, she told the reporter: “Gee, you crack me up.” She urged people to take “responsibility” for protecting others by educating themselves – despite the fact she very, very clearly needs to do the same.

Asked if she “believes in science,” she said: “I believe in God.

“And, of course, there is science. I don’t worship science, or think that science rules everything. I believe God rules everything.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene takes potshot at lawmaker with trans daughter 

A reporter then trained Marjorie Taylor Greene’s focus away from the pandemic and into her workplace, chiefly, her feud with Illinois representative Marie Newman.

The two have been in a long-running stand-off over trans rights, reaching a flashpoint in February amid debates over the Equality Act as both Congress members placed flags outside their opposite offices.

Greene planted a sign preaching – with no sense of irony here – that there being “two genders” is “science”. Now it’s something she believes in, we guess.

Newman, who herself has a trans daughter, hoisted a trans Pride flag up so Greene would have to see it each and every day.

“Congresswoman Marie Newman called you a deeply broken person and hopes that you would get some help,” the reporter said.

“I think my colleague, Democrat Marie Newman, that is across the hall for me, should probably get some help herself because she’s the one that attacked me on a video by planting a flag out there in the hallway,” Greene said.

“You see, she started that. You do understand that, right?

“She started by a video on my nameplate, and then it pans to her, where, in a militant fashion, she plants a flag.

“But, you know, and then she talks about her biological son, who she calls her daughter, and she talks about how she wants her son to be able to go in women’s bathrooms and have all the same rights as women

“But you know what? I have daughters too and I don’t want men in my daughter’s bathroom.”

“That’s science,” she added. “And that’s perhaps something that Marie Newman should explain.”

Newman’s daughter Evie, however, couldn’t care less about people like Greene.

“I think my mum planting that flag was a very nice show of love and solidarity towards me,” she told Teen Vogue, “and I do appreciate it.

“[Greene] just a terrible, vile person,” Evie added of Greene.

“I’m sorry that my mum has to deal with her on a daily basis.”