Lil Nas X puts the Sistine Chapel and Mona Lisa to shame with jaw-dropping album cover

Lil Nas X posing for a photo at the BET Awards and Lil Nas X's album artwork

Lil Nas X has finally unveiled the artwork for his debut album Montero, and to say fans are gagged would be an understatement.

Fans of the trailblazing singer and rapper have been waiting with baited breath for months for his debut album – and they finally got a look at the record’s artwork on Tuesday (31 August).

The image shows a completely naked Lil Nas X lying suspended in mid-air. He is surrounded by a rainbow-coloured ring of light, butterflies and blooming pink trees, while other versions of the singer watch on.

The singer lies suspended against what looks to be Greek and Roman inspired structures – one of which can be seen toppling to the ground after being hit by a giant purple spherical object.

Lil Nas X shared the album artwork on Twitter and Instagram, and fans were unable to contain their excitement. His dedicated fanbase were quick to heap praise on the star for the intricately detailed album artwork.

Lil Nas X shared the album artwork for Montero with the world just days after he revealed that his debut record will finally be released on 17 September.

The Grammy-winning artist confirmed the release date in a truly iconic album trailer, which featured a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Lil Nas X posing as a reporter.

In the trailer, Nas said that “power bottom rapper” and “his Caucasian friend” Jack Harlow – who was featured on his latest single “Industry Baby” – escaped and were on the run.

“This comes just months after the talentless homosexual was sentenced to five years in prison,” Nas said. “Investigators say that anybody that comes into contact with the power bottom should contact authorities. Immediately.”

In typical Lil Nas fashion, the trailer also teased a new song which sees him singing about needing “a boy who can cuddle” all night.

The album comes after a momentous rise to fame for Lil Nas X. In 2019, his song “Old Town Road” held the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for a record-breaking 19 consecutive weeks.

Earlier this year, his song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” topped charts across the world. The music video – which showed Lil Nas X sliding down a pole to hell and giving Satan a lap dance – hilariously ignited the fury of religious conservatives in the United States.